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Three methods for controlling pests in the vegetable garden: The smudge plate sold in the market is also a great tool for insecticides in rural areas(15 gallon pot). Like flies, lepidoptera, and coleoptera, they have very good effects, but the shortcoming is the duration. Not too long, especially the current temperature is relatively high(nursery plant pots), the effect of the smear plate will be greatly reduced after a few days of exposure.

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The soda used in the fermentation of steamed bread in the northern home is the alkali surface which can be used to dilute 0.3% of water(large plastic terracotta pots). The soda water is alkaline, and the acidity and alkalinity of the leaf epidermis of the plant are destroyed after spraying, and the insect eggs of the pest are difficult to survive, and the change of acid and alkali also affects the consumption of the pest(72 cell propagation tray). A similar vinegar can also be sprayed.

(7 gallon plastic garden pots wholesale suppliers)You can search for it(seedling trays). The reason why black light can kill crops is that the insect's retina contains a pigment that absorbs light of a specific wavelength and allows the pest to have Very strong phototaxis. When the black light emits a 330-400nm ultraviolet light, it is very sensitive to the lepidopteran and coleoptera pests, and can play a good trapping effect(98 cell trays bulk). Watering properly, pay attention to the method of small water and more pouring. 

In fact, in the case of not fighting drugs, and the way of black light trapping is purely physical(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), it does not cause any poison to the vegetables of the vegetable garden. Naturally, there is no so-called disability claim. It does not pollute the environment and is a very good way(105 cell trays bulk). Generally, when you grow vegetables in the vegetable garden, you need to go to the soil to fight pesticides, so that you can control the pests to prevent the vegetables from being eaten by the insects.

Black light equipment is not too expensive(square grow pots). But nowadays, they all pay more attention to the dishes that do not fight drugs. There are also ways to achieve the role of pest control, and three methods are introduced below. It is easy to spray the vegetables in the home, causing a light reaction, which can have a good effect(128 cell trays). It is mainly based on farmyard manure and is mixed with superphosphate as a base fertilizer. Like peppers, there will be a lot of curling.(7 gallon plastic garden pots wholesale suppliers) 

It is applied to the soil when it is turned over or ridged(plastic plant trays wholesale). 10 kg of diammonium phosphate and 5 kg of nitrogen fertilizer are used as seed fertilizers to promote the early growth of cereal seedlings and meet the needs of nutrients during the growth period of millet(162 cell trays bulk). When the millet seedlings are 30-50 cm high, about 6 cm away from the seedling eye, use a taro or open a ditch of 10 cm deep, evenly apply about 35 kg of nitrogen fertilizer per acre, bury the soil, and increase the utilization rate.

(7 gallon plastic garden pots wholesale suppliers)The water in the soil is evaporated in large quantities(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), causing the pepper to not absorb enough nutrients during the growth process to maintain vegetative growth, and the leaves will roll up and then shrink and fall. After pouring the water, continue to observe the growth of the leaves, and if you don't see any improvement(200 cell trays bulk), you need to analyze and find out the reasons, and then take appropriate prevention measures.

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