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7 Gallon Plastic Nursery Plant Pots For Sale

Generally, summer spinach is usually planted in stages from May to July, and harvested in late June to mid-September(12 cell seed trays). Adopting appropriate technology to carry out off-season cultivation in the summer can generally achieve higher economic benefits. So what kind of points do you need to master in order to produce high-yield spinach in summer(nursery trays)? The seedling stage of summer spinach is in the high temperature and long sunshine season. If the soil is sticky, it is best to use the ridge cultivation method. 

(7 gallon plastic nursery plant pots for sale)The seeds are not soaked in cold water for 24 hours, and the heat-resistant and twitch-resistant varieties should be selected(plastic grow bags). Sun protection and rain protection are the key to the success of growing spinach in summer. It is necessary to adopt a sunshade cooling measure covering the shed film to prevent rain and sunshade net (light transmittance 50%~60%). The shed film is pressed with a film line(plastic nursery pots), and it is usually rolled up around, leaving only the upper top film to facilitate ventilation and cooling.

When the light is weak after 9:00 am and 4:00 pm on a rainy day or a sunny day(plastic hanging baskets), the sunshade net is rolled up to prevent the high temperature and the spinach from seeing enough sunlight. In addition, it is best to add insect-repellent nets in places where conditions permit, because mites and gray locusts not only directly harm shed vegetables, but also spread the media of viral diseases(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), and prevent the transmission of poisonous media into protective facilities is also one of the technical measures for summer spinach.

(7 gallon plastic nursery plant pots for sale)Covering the sunshade net to prevent direct sunlight I(6 cell seed trays). Although the leaf primordium differentiates rapidly, the differentiation and convulsion of flower buds are also fast. The rain film is placed on the shed film to prevent the rain from entering the shed film, causing roots, rotten roots and dead seedlings. The specific method is to germination under the temperature condition of about 20 degrees, about 4 days(plastic nursery pots wholesale). It is difficult for normal growth of spinach varieties when the temperature exceeds 25 °C. 

In the shed, the sand can be sown on the ground, and the summer spinach is usually sown from May to July and harvested from July to August(36 cell seed trays). It can be broadcast live before mid-June, and when the temperature exceeds 30 degrees from the end of June to the end of July, it should be germinated after germination under low temperature conditions(plastic flower pots wholesale). After the seed radicle (white) is exposed, the sand can be mixed with sand to spread the ditch, pay attention to the bottom water before seeding.(7 gallon plastic nursery plant pots for sale)

After the sowing, immediately cover the shading net and block the insect net in time(7 gallon nursery pots). Years of production practice has proved that spinach cultivation is most afraid of mites in summer. For example, stalk rot is easily cultivated in sorghum, and ridge cultivation can make the base of the blade ventilate well and is not susceptible to disease(black plastic nursery pots). According to 50 cm, a ridge, a ridge width of 30 cm, a height of 10 cm, 2 rows per ridge, ditch and sowing, about 1.5 kg per mu.(7 gallon plastic nursery plant pots for sale)

After the seedlings are out, they should control the water seedlings and induce the roots to "seek water" to cultivate the healthy roots(5 gallon planting pots), and moderately maintain the drought for 3-4 days. In the high temperature period from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, the spinach is cold and cold, and it is not resistant to high temperatures and glare(square nursery pots). Moreover, the temperature is high, the evaporation is large, the breathing is vigorous, the plant nutrient accumulation is small, the growth of the leaf area is limited, and the quality is poor.

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