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72 Cell Rootmaker Trays Wholesale Supplier

The methods for regulating plant height are as follows: and the seedling production and management are organized in a modern and enterprise mode(wholesale greenhouse pots), thereby realizing large-scale seedling cultivation. The quality of the seedling seedlings is light and the matrix water retention and premium capacity is strong, suitable for long-distance transportation, high seedling rate(gallon nursery pots), no root damage after planting, no slow seedling period Strong resistance to stress, significant cost savings and increased efficiency.

(72 cell rootmaker trays wholesale supplier)For example, electric heating line(flat plastic tray), hot blast stove or boiler for circulating hot water pipe heating, insulation facilities including heat preservation Isothermal outdoor covering insulation materials, multi-layer curtain system in greenhouse, multi-layer plastic film covering, etc. Specific facilities: solar greenhouse, multi-span greenhouse, matrix mixer, incubator, heating line, plug tray, flat plate, grafting sign, seedbed, shading system, fill light system(cell trays), spray system, heating and cooling system, insect net, Yellow board and so on.

When using the cucurbit rootstock, the true leaf growth point can be removed 3 to 5 days before grafting to thicken the hypocotyl(seed starter trays). It should be selected in a multi-span greenhouse, a solar greenhouse or a plastic greenhouse with good heat preservation and light transmission, large space and easy operation. The hardened ground can be sprinkled with water to cool down at high temperature(gallon plant pot); the disinfection treatment of the nursery room should be thoroughly completed.(72 cell rootmaker trays wholesale supplier)

Due to different environmental requirements during grafting of rootstocks(plastic grow pots), scions and grafting, rootstocks and scions should be sown in sections. When the rootstock buds are no more than 3 mm long and the sprouting rate is 85%, they can be sown. Ungerminated seeds can continue to be used for germination(plug trays). The rootstock of Cuihaoya was sown in the standard tray with the substrate, and the sowing depth was 1.5~2.0 cm. After the sowing, the disinfected vermiculite was covered.

(72 cell rootmaker trays wholesale supplier)This method of seedling adopts automatic (or artificial) sowing and centralized seedling, saving manpower and material resources(square nursery pots). After the water was drenched, the seedbed covered the mulch to moisturize and keep warm. In the nursery season, there are many low-temperature and rainy weathers, and it is possible to consider adding a fill light to the fry field. Even in the rainy days, there should be no temperature and low nights(propagation tray). The second piece of true leaf outcrop is ready to be grafted.

The nursery facility should also be equipped with nursery bed frame, spraying equipment and insect-proof equipment(greenhouse supplies pots). The daytime temperature is 28~32°C, and the nighttime temperature is 18~20°C. When 50%~70% of the seedlings are unearthed, the mulch is removed in time. After the seedlings are unearthed, the temperature is lowered by 22~25°C during the day and 16~18°C during the night. Strengthen and lengthen the light time to cultivate strong seedlings(3 gallon pots manufacturer). If the temperature is too high, it will cause the seedlings to grow up.

When the temperature is too low, the cotyledons will sag and the roots will rot or stumble(black plastic plant pots). Spraying disinfectant disinfection, intensive seedling is based on seedling substrate seedlings, using advanced nursery facilities and equipment to modern biotechnology, environmental control technology, irrigation technology, management technology throughout the whole process of seedlings(bulk 4 gallon pots) . After the seedlings are unearthed, it is found that “wearing a hat” should be removed in time, and it is easier to have a higher humidity in the morning.(72 cell rootmaker trays wholesale supplier)

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