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72 Cell Soil Block Propagation Trays Wholesale

Soilless culture is a kind of planting method popularized in recent years(sowing tray). It is rich in types and is used in the cultivation of vegetables. A big difference from the previous methods of soil planting is that the whole process does not use soil, but the essential nutrient solution is the key factor for crop growth(plastic garden pots online). So, in our lives, which vegetables can be cultivated without soil? Is tomato, bitter gourd, and lettuce suitable?

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Summary: We commonly use hydroponic vegetables, which are to place the root part in the configured nutrient solution(wholesale plant pots suppliers). In recent years, hydroponic vegetables have also been vigorously promoted, which is healthier than traditional soil culture, high fertilizer utilization rate, and does not produce toxins(1 gallon plastic containers). For substrate cultivation, the root system is placed in an inorganic or organic matrix to slowly irrigate the nutrient solution.(72 cell soil block propagation trays wholesale)

Rock wool cultivation is relatively more demanding, and the rock wool of transplantable plants can be prepared in advance for subsequent maintenance work(15 gallon plant pot). There are many vegetables suitable for soilless cultivation. Different vegetables are suitable for different soilless cultivation types(bulk pots). Tomato, bitter gourd and lettuce are suitable, but the types are different: for example, tomatoes, eggplant, pepper, potatoes, etc. are cultivated in the substrate.

(72 cell soil block propagation trays wholesale)There are many types of soilless culture, hydroponics, substrate cultivation, rock wool cultivation, and fog culture(3 gallon container). One acre of greenhouses in solar greenhouses is about 50,000 yuan, and bitter melons, cucumbers, sweet peppers, zucchini, etc. are cultivated in rock wool(20 gallon nursery pots for sale). Control method: spray 4000 times of streptomycin sulfate or 72% of streptomycin sulfate soluble powder 3000-4000 times in the early stage of the disease.

Many people think that the cost of soilless cultivation is high(large plastic planters cheap). The whole process does not require soil, and the nutrient solution is used to supply nutrients and water. It is mainly sprayed directly into the roots by spraying the water into a spray by high pressure. With the advancement of science and technology, soilless cultivation has become a one-time investment method that is beneficial for a long time(potting containers wholesale). In hydroponics, there are lettuce, celery, spinach, rape, and leeks. 

Why is soilless culture more and more popular(4 inch square nursery pots)? In the case of hydroponic lettuce, hydroponic cultivation is less than the soil cultivation of pests and diseases, and the species naturally planted are good, and the value of the commodity is higher. For example, the cucumber cultivated by rock wool has better quality and better yield than soil cultivation(viagrow nursery pots). It is also better to care during the planting process. It can be called a real green assured food.

After all, the specific input cost depends on the variety cultivated, the type of soilless cultivation selected, the cultivated area, and the material of the greenhouse(4 inch square pots). According to the type of soilless cultivation, the method of hydroponic culture, substrate cultivation and rock wool cultivation is basically less than 10,000 when the cost is about one mu(14 inch plastic plant pots). It must have less pests and diseases, and does not need to fight a lot of pesticides.(72 cell soil block propagation trays wholesale)

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