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72 Cell Succulent Propagation Tray Wholesale

However, if you want to make mimosa grow better later, you can choose soil with looser and more fertile soil(cell trays). The concentration of common nutrient solution is: urea 0.3%~0.5 % 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate, etc., we must grasp the principle of "less and diligent". The specific fertilization techniques are as follows(square nursery pots). Mimosa flowers are many and delicate, and they are beautiful and touching, giving people the impression of being weak and delicate.

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In the winter or early spring, the temperature is too low, can be planted in the courtyard corner(propagation tray), so in many countries, you can also only use the humus soil, nowadays have entered the deep winter festival, many basin friends for their own rich trees There is a frostbite and it is awkward(seed starter trays). Indeed, after all, the rich tree does not have strong cold tolerance, winter maintenance management is not in place, it is easy to cause frostbite, in severe cases it may freeze to death!

(72 cell succulent propagation tray wholesale)In contrast, in general, once frostbite occurs, everyone does not have to panic(gallon nursery pots). As long as everyone thinks calmly, calmly responds, and takes timely measures, they can still be saved. When everyone finds that there is frostbite in their own potted tree, of course, first of all(wholesale greenhouse pots), it is necessary to move the potted plants to a warm place indoors in time to ensure that the temperature is maintained at more than 10 degrees to avoid further increase of frostbite.

What needs to be done is to carefully check the degree of frostbite of the plant(plug trays). If only a small amount of leaves are frostbitten, the leaves are usually sprayed with butyl phthalate and gibberellin solution, but if combined with naphthalene acetic acid and other roots, , the effect is better. However, it is recommended that you follow this method every 3 days(greenhouse supplies pots). After the young leaves of the plants are sprouted, they can be basically restored after 5-6 times.(72 cell succulent propagation tray wholesale)

This kind of mimosa does not require high soil, and the general soil can be used(black plastic plant pots). If your house's potted tree is frozen at the roots, you can usually pour the B-Mg wettable powder dilution, and then finish the pot in a warm and dry place, expecting it to gradually resume growth(plastic grow pots). Not only does the rich tree have weak cold tolerance, but many other potted plants do not have strong cold tolerance, especially to keep warm and cold measures to avoid unnecessary freezing damage.

(72 cell succulent propagation tray wholesale)The frozen tree is frozen(gallon plant pot). Of course, I believe that it is also expected to be restored. Its leaves and roots are the most susceptible to freezing damage. It can be changed once a week, so be careful in the winter, and be sure to follow the growth habits for the rich trees(flat plastic tray). Since the rich tree likes the fertile, loose and breathable sandy soil environment, we should use these requirements as a basis to formulate the culture soil for potting.

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