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8 Inch Plastic Nursery Plant Pots Wholesale

Cucumber is a widely-grown cucurbitaceae annual climbing or climbing herb(flat plastic tray). Symptoms and control methods of pests and diseases during cucumber planting. For growers who want to grow cucumbers on the balcony(propagation tray), the following points will be detailed in the protection of cucumbers from disease.(8 inch plastic nursery plant pots wholesale)

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This is also an aspect of eliminating fertilizer loss(plastic grow pots). Pay attention to high temperatures and high humidity, and it is important to give fertilizer regularly by improving ventilation/drainage. Downy mildew is a disease that turns brown along the veins and gradually turns light brown or grayish white. In the process of its growth, it is very prone to aphids, root-worms and other pests and diseases. 

When the leaves are dry, they become very fragile and become sticky when the leaves are wet(plug trays). The attached lesions can be connected, and the disease spreads throughout the leaves. To prevent downy mildew, try to avoid rain, improve ventilation and drainage, and avoid excessive humidity. Tip: Sprinkle the drug around the leaves while using the medicine.

Downy mildew likes humidity, which occurs at temperatures between 15 and 20 °C(greenhouse supplies pots). It is caused by pathogens contained in the soil and is transmitted by wind and rain. Symptoms occur in the lower leaves and are characterized by a gradual spread on the leaves. The black ash-like spots will spread out and the fruit will fall. As the symptoms progress, a hole is formed in the center of the lesion. 

Spots form on the leaves, grow like white mold and eventually die(gallon plant pot). It is prone to occur in high temperature and low humidity environments (many from April to October), and is likely to occur when the temperature is around 17 to 25 °C. The small spots of dark brown spread concentrically, and the inside of the spots turned into grayish white large gray spots.

(8 inch plastic nursery plant pots wholesale)Small brown spots appear somewhere before the symptoms begin. Causes black leaves on the spots and then leaves(wholesale greenhouse pots). Brown spot is easy to occur in hot and humid environments, and is more likely to occur if it continues to rain or when ventilation is deteriorating. Anthrax occurs not only in leaves and branches, but also in cucumber fruits(cell trays). 

Many diseases of cucumber are symptomatic, and it can be said that it is easy to prevent disease(seed starter trays). Tip: Anthrax is prone to occur in hot and humid environments, a disease that is prone to rain in the rainy season. Botrytis is a disease that occurs in flowers, young fruits, leaves and curls(gallon nursery pots). If it happens on the leaves, it will turn into brown round spots and gray mold.

(8 inch plastic nursery plant pots wholesale)It spreads in concentric circles and causes rot, which is easy to develop when the temperature and humidity are around 20 °C(square nursery pots), or when it suddenly becomes cold. In the early stages of development, observe that if the symptoms spread, medication control should be used as soon as possible(black plastic plant pots). It is very suitable for planting in the balcony garden.

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