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8 Inch Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Price Malaysia

The optimum temperature refers to the temperature that is most suitable for the growth of flowers(plastic plant pots canada). In this range, flowers grow fastest, have the most vigorous physiological activities, and grow healthily. The common cold resistant flowers are asparagus, Phyllanthus, Chlorophytum, Milan, Mallow, Banzhilian, poinsettia(105 cell trays bulk), turtle backed bamboo, aquatic flowers, hibiscus, brandy, rubber tree, Strelitzia, Calla, Alternanthera, etc.

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Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the room temperature properly when maintaining these flowers indoors(greenhouse pots); The third is to pay attention to increase the amount of water, in order to prevent water loss. For the flowers damaged by high temperature, timely shade or move to the shady place. Watering can not be carried out immediately(98 cell trays bulk). Instead, spray water or water after the temperature drops to a certain extent, so as to prevent physiological drought.

(8 inch plastic plant pots wholesale price malaysia)The cold resistance of flowers refers to the ability of flowers to resist severe cold. For example, spring jasmine, rose and Hemerocallis can normally survive the winter in the open field. Tulips, Narcissus and other autumn planting bulbs are also more resistant to cold. For example, annual flowers, cactus, rubber trees, Lagerstroemia, hibiscus, etc(50 cell trays bulk). we should pay attention to the following points: can safely survive the hot summer period.

During this period, in winter, we must take timely measures to prevent cold and increase temperature(cheap nursery pots), otherwise flowers are vulnerable to freezing damage or physiological diseases such as chlorosis; the third is to pay attention to increasing air humidity, otherwise it is easy to occur physiological diseases such as chlorosis(3.94inch plastic nursery pots). The heat resistance of winter flowers refers to the ability of flowers to resist high temperature.(8 inch plastic plant pots wholesale price malaysia)

Because the flowers originated in the north(plastic succulent pots), such as peony, can not adapt to the long-term high-temperature environment in the south, so it is easy to lose too much water and cause leaf burns. Therefore, it is necessary to timely shade the flowers during the high temperature period in summer; the other is that the physiological activities are out of balance due to the lack of cold in winter in the south(32 cell trays bulk), which affects the flower flowering.

(8 inch plastic plant pots wholesale price malaysia)In summer, the dormant flowers should be placed in a cool and ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight(nursery pots canada). When the temperature is high, spray water to the plant and ground frequently to reduce the temperature and make it sleep safely. For the flowers damaged by low temperature(21 cell trays bulk), the flowers should be absolutely protected from light, and then heated slowly to gradually recover growth, too little will lead to root atrophy.

The highest temperature refers to the upper limit temperature of flower growth, and the lowest temperature is the lower limit temperature of flower growth(1.5 gallon plant pot). If the temperature exceeds the maximum temperature or is lower than the minimum temperature, the physiological function of flowers will be destroyed, the growth will stop and the plant will die in serious cases(4.33inch plastic plant pots). After a few days of careful maintenance, it can generally be restored.

The plants should not be moved to the place with sufficient light and high temperature immediately(6 inch plastic nursery pots), otherwise, the plants will die, because the growth and development ability of plants has been damaged, and a recovery process is needed. Water control for this kind of flowers to strictly control the amount of water, but too much or too little, too much easy to rot roots(15 cell trays bulk). For indoor flowers, windows should be opened in time for ventilation.(8 inch plastic plant pots wholesale price malaysia)

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