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9 Inch Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Suppliers

When the flytrap is raised indoors, it eats bugs to supplement its nutrients(plastic nursery pots). However, the corpse of the flytrap after eating the insects will inevitably affect the appearance, and it will also cause health problems. You should still provide nutrients for the flytrap by fertilizing it. How can the flytrap be fertilized? Details. The flytrap can quickly catch the small bugs that are in it, and then slowly digest it(small potting pots). This is the source of its nutrients.

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Next, I will introduce the fertilization methods of flytrap and the fertilizers used(plastic nursery pots wholesale). In fact, there is not much demand for flytrap for fertilization. You only need to fertilize it every 15 days or so during its growing season. However, the Venus flytrap root system is very fragile(plastic tree containers). When applying fertilizer, it should be far away from the root as far as possible, and slowly poured along the edge of the pot, or the fertilizer can be diluted and sprayed on the plant surface.(9 inch plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers)

In winter, the flytrap is dormant(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). At this time, we cannot fertilize, which will hurt the plants. If it is not indoor cultivation, but outdoors, fertilization is the same as that of potted flytraps, but fertilization can also be omitted, because outdoors, flytraps will trap insects to solve their own nutrition problems. It is understood that the flytrap mainly absorbs nutrients from the leaves, so the fertilizer should also be absorbed by the leaves(18 inch plant pot). However, overfeeding can cause the flytrap clip to turn black.

If the flytrap clip is not serious black, immediately switch to pure water or use water with low mineral content such as rainwater(black plastic nursery pots); if it is serious, change the potting soil immediately to see if it can be rescued. In addition to water quality, soil quality is also responsible for the blackening of flytraps. Once we have not replaced the potting soil for a long time, causing the knot to be impermeable, the clip will turn black. It's very simple(20 inch plastic planter). For potting soil change, it is best to change the flytrap every spring.

(9 inch plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers)When watering the Venus flytrap, take an appropriate amount(plug trays wholesale). If too much water is applied and the soil is too moist, it may cause rotten roots and the symptoms of blackening of the clip. Move to a well-ventilated place to let the water evaporate quickly. Follow the watering method of the flytrap, and the clamp will recover after a period of time(200 gallon grow bags). Recently, the weather has been hot, and many flower buddies have said online that their flytrap clips have become black, which may be related to temperature.

But the high temperature waist fluid is not easy to rot the roots, which causes the symptoms of blackening of the clip(square nursery pots). Stop the exposure and receive the sun when the temperature is appropriate in the morning and evening; or change the mud pot or poke the plastic pot a few more holes to ventilate, and the clip can be restored after a period of time(smart grow pots). One of the benefits of Venus flytrap is to catch insects, but many flower buddies like feeding when indoor culture.(9 inch plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers)

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