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9 cm Square Plastic Plant Pots In Bulk Indonesia

However, it must not be cultivated in alkaline soil(32 cell seedling tray), otherwise the plant is prone to yellowing and shedding of the leaves, which will also cause its branches and stems to become more vulnerable. First of all, it needs to be soaked in water, and the temperature must be kept at 30 degrees, usually 10-15 days, so that the buds can be germinated(deep cell plug trays). Generally, they are planted in summer, after a month. Can be colonized, and can tolerate barrenness.

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The root of Elaeagnus angustifolia tastes bitter, sour, calm, and returns to the liver, lungs, and stomach channels(50 deep cell plug trays). Elaeagnus has no strict requirements on the soil, it can grow normally in neutral, acidic and calcareous soil. It grows most in sandy soil with thick soil layer, fertility, humidity and smooth drainage. good(1 gallon pots for plants). Mud pots are suitable for planting Elaeagnus mollis, because mud pots have better air permeability. The most important way is the process of raising seedlings.

(9 cm square plastic plant pots in bulk indonesia)In addition, the size of the flower pot should be larger, especially when the plant is grown or the pot is changed, you can choose to plant in a wooden barrel(50 cell seed trays wholesale). Pick a full seed of Elaeagnus chinense and soak it in warm water for about 30 minutes. After taking out the seeds, mix them with coarse sand to promote their germination as soon as possible, to keep the coarse sand in a damp state(4 inch plastic pots wholesale). After about 30 days, Hu Zhezi will be able to germinate.

Hu Zhuozi likes the environment with plenty of sunlight, can tolerate the sun for a long time, and also has a strong ability to endure shade(seed planting trays wholesale). In about one week, the seedlings of Elaeagnus angustifolia can be transplanted into pots. It has the functions of promoting blood circulation to stop bleeding, removing wind and dampness, relieving cough, detoxifying, and sores(plastic planters suppliers). The newly planted plants of Hu Zhuzi should be watered more in spring. May-July pouring water 2-3 times.

It also has a relatively strong ability to withstand the cold(18 cell seed starting trays). It can withstand the winter in the open area in the north of China and can endure the low temperature of -8 ℃. During the growing season of the plant, fertilizer should be applied every half month, and 3-4 times of liquid fertilizer should be applied before the arrival of the summer(bulk pots). Growing watermelon among sugar canes achieves resource sharing, reduces production costs and improves economic benefits.(9 cm square plastic plant pots in bulk indonesia)

In the rainy season, we must pay attention to the timely removal of accumulated water to prevent plants from being damaged by waterlogging(20 cell seed trays). Sugarcane has a long growth cycle, usually harvested one season a year. The period from sowing to full closure of sugarcane takes four to five months, and also prevent the evaporation of water, and the row spacing is generally about 1 meter(shallow microgreen trays). This provides a better growing environment for other crops both in time and space.

(9 cm square plastic plant pots in bulk indonesia)Hu Zhuzi likes warmth, and the suitable temperature for growth is 24-34 ℃(plastic planter pots). Grow watermelons among sugarcane, make full use of land resources, and resist the excessive growth of weeds, and achieve the effect of water retention and drought resistance(plastic planters bulk). However, sugarcane and watermelon require more water at the same time during the growth process, so it is necessary to choose flat land with fertile soil, high terrain and good irrigation conditions.

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