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How often does the cactus water? How do the cactus water(plug trays wholesale)? I think it is the most concerned problem for everyone. Many friends know that the cactus grows in the desert and its tenacious vitality is respected. Why is it so difficult for us to pot the cactus? In many cases, the cactus does not grow, even is raised dead, watering knowledge Crucial(100mm plastic grow pots). Today Xiaobian will take these questions to tell you how to water the cactus ball.

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(black plastic nursery planters wholesale florida)Cactus originated in the desert Gobi of arid areas, which is a water-scarce place(plastic nursery pots). Cactus belongs to the cactus family and has leaves at first. But the bad environment forces cactus to refuel and evolve. Only by shrinking the leaves into needles can the evaporation of water be effectively reduced, while the fat stem stores water(11cm plastic grow pots). Be sure to water, cactus afraid of wet, rotten root rotten meat, so should not do not water, to the soil below two centimeters dry as the standard.

The soils are fine and reduce the number of times appropriately, while the soils are coarse and increase the number of times appropriately(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). If it is kept in the house for a long time, pay attention to ventilation after watering, and dry the soil surface after water absorption before putting it into the house. Therefore, fertilization is indispensable; to have an air circulation environment, no fresh air, cactus is a bad kind(110mm plastic grow pots); to supply water, watering is a particularly important link, watering too much, or not, can not, the key is to know how to control water, so as to water according to the ball, according to the time.

(black plastic nursery planters wholesale florida)When landing on the earth and grafting balls, water control should be more stringent than that of grafting balls(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Because, the ball grafted on the triangle, watering more, easy to cause rotten root triangle, long-term non-watering, triangle will dry out. The ball on the triangle is almost a life of nine deaths. Large balls and small balls are more diligent in watering than small balls(plastic terracotta pots wholesale). Because small balls grow relatively small pots, soil is easy to dry; large balls have more water, water tolerance is stronger.

Powerful spine ball and wool ball, relatively wool ball is not suitable for spraying, affecting the ornamental of the ball(wholesale nursery pots). Sprinkler watering methods are generally not used for cactus. In summer, winter and spring, autumn ball, summer, winter ball, watering should pay attention to, because the temperature is too high and too low, inhibit the growth of the ball, watering should be quite cautious(12cm plastic grow pots). In winter, most cactus enter their dormancy period, during which water is basically cut off.(black plastic nursery planters wholesale florida)

Generally, after watering in mid-late October, it is not necessary to water until the next year is clear(black plastic nursery pots). At this time, when the cactus enters the vigorous period of growth, water should not be neglected. Water once every 3-5 days, and pay attention to fertilization. For indoor and outdoor balls, watering should also be different: outdoor air circulation, sufficient light, easy to dry media, watering should be more diligent(120mm plastic grow pots); indoor air circulation is poor, light is weak, medium is not easy to dry, watering should not be too diligent.

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