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Generally, the subculture reproductive ability of herbaceous flowers is greater than that of woody flowers(best fabric grow bags wholesale suppliers canada); The subculture reproductive ability of young materials was greater than that of old materials(128 cell plug trays). Although the proliferation number of buds is very high, the buds are very thin and weak, and finally only buds do not grow roots. 

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At the beginning of subculture, growth regulating substances need to be added, and then they can grow by adding a small amount or without adding growth regulating substances(best fabric grow bags wholesale suppliers canada). The differentiation ability of Lily scales was the strongest in spring, followed by autumn and summer, and the weakest in winter(20cm plastic plant pots). This domestication phenomenon is not necessarily a good thing. 

The general explanation is that under the continuous subculture conditions, more growth regulating substances are accumulated in the cells, and the tissues or seedlings adapt to such environmental conditions, so the requirements for growth regulating substances are gradually reduced(15 cell seed trays). At this time, auxin was added to the culture medium, and more roots were grown after several subcultures(best fabric grow bags wholesale suppliers canada). 

This phenomenon is called "domestication"(12cm plastic plant pots). For example, in the maintenance culture of protocorms such as Phalaenopsis and cattleyan, a higher concentration of hormone needs to be added to maintain proliferation at first, and it can proliferate rapidly even without hormone after a certain time(best fabric grow bags wholesale suppliers canada). Generally, it can achieve 3 ~ 10 times of monthly generation multiplication, which can be used for mass reproduction.

The number and scale of subculture should be determined according to the production plan(best fabric grow bags wholesale suppliers canada). There are two ways of rooting in vitro and outer rooting. introduce(105 cell plug flats). Domestication phenomenon some plant tissues undergo long-term subculture and some changes occur(21 cell plug trays). After the buds produced by axillary buds and adventitious buds grow into seedlings, they must be induced to take root before transplanting.

Culture flasks can be replaced with triangular flasks and jars with larger capacity to expand reproduction as soon as possible(9cm plastic plant pots). For example, the bulbs of Narcissus are in dormant state from June to July, growing slowly, and the growth rate is accelerated after August. This is the third stage of rapid propagation in vitro, and another key problem whether they can be used in mass production and practical application(best fabric grow bags wholesale suppliers canada).

Generally(12.5 cm plant pots), for example, Carter lialand test tube seedlings are subcultured in the medium of long-term Jiaxiang swallow homogenate(best fabric grow bags wholesale suppliers canada). The influence of season the subculture of some plant materials is greatly affected by the season(32 cell seed tray). When bulbous flowers can not proliferate in maintenance culture, it is because they enter dormancy, which can be overcome by adding hormones and low temperature treatment. 

It can be kept unchanged or slightly adjusted according to the situation(cheap plastic hanging baskets). In addition, in order to ensure the genetic stability of the culture, the number of subcultures should not be too many(best fabric grow bags wholesale suppliers canada). Blindly pursuing too high multiplication multiplication times is easy to make the seedlings thin and weak, bring great difficulties to rooting and transplanting, cause unnecessary losses, and may cause genetic instability.

Generally speaking, gibberellin, cytokinin, and ethylene are usually not good for hair roots(best fabric grow bags wholesale suppliers canada). The subculture reproductive ability of newly isolated tissues was greater than that of subcultured tissues(v12 plastic pots); Therefore, it is necessary to reasonably control the multiplication multiple, achieve the best culture effect, and prevent the quality of test tube plantlets from being affected by the simple pursuit of multiplication multiple(162 cell seed starting trays).

The genotypes of the cultured materials are different types of plants, different varieties of the same plant, different organs of the same plant, and different parts of the same plant(23cm plastic plant pots). The test tube seedlings used for rooting should be thicker, otherwise strong seedlings should be cultivated first(best fabric grow bags wholesale suppliers canada). The rooting medium usually uses vegetable sugar or edible granulated sugar, mostly with low concentration, generally 10~30gL.

Cut the clumping adventitious sprouts with scissors under aseptic conditions to cut the seedlings with a length of 1~2cm(50 cell propagation trays), and transfer them to the strong seedling medium (add 2~10mgL multi-effect wall (MET), chlormequat (COC) and other plant growth retardants, after about 2 weeks of cultivation, when the seedlings grow thicker, they can be moved to the rooting medium to induce adventitious root formation(best fabric grow bags wholesale suppliers canada).

The subculture cycle is generally 4~6 weeks(plastic ground cover for weed control). Halve the concentration of inorganic salts and sugars, and there are many factors that affect the rooting of the test-tube plantlets, including the physiological and biochemical state of the test-tube plantlets themselves, as well as various external factors(best fabric grow bags wholesale suppliers canada). When the test-tube plantlets proliferate to a certain number, rooting culture should be carried out in a planned way(200 cell seed trays).

And increase the dosage of Lebanon acetic acid to prevent dormancy in subculture(best fabric grow bags wholesale suppliers canada). The difficulty of rooting is also related to the physiological state of the mother plant of the explant, and also related to the harvest season and the environmental conditions of the explant(51 cell plug trays). Plant materials Different plants, different genotypes, different materials and different ages all have a decisive influence on root differentiation.

The high content of mineral elements NNi in the medium may not be conducive to rooting(98 cell seed tray). Rooting requires phosphorus and potassium, but not too much; in addition, according to most reports, Ci is beneficial to the formation and growth of roots(288 cell plug tray); trace elements B and Fe can induce Rooting is beneficial(best fabric grow bags wholesale suppliers canada). Rooting media for plant growth regulators generally do not use or use very low concentrations of cytokinins.

Most of them only add one or more low concentrations of auxins to differentiate materials such as ganglion shafts, stem shafts, stem segments, cuttings, and pedicels(11 cm plant pots). When rooting, IBA is mostly used, the concentration is generally 0.2~10.0mgL, 1.0mgL is more(best fabric grow bags wholesale suppliers canada); when the callus is differentiated into roots, without any hormones, NAA is mostly used, the concentration is 0.02~6mgL, generally 1.0~2.0mgL is more.

induces the formation of adventitious roots in test-tube plantlets, plant growth regulators play a decisive role, and auxins have the effect of promoting rooting(best fabric grow bags wholesale suppliers canada). If it is combined with auxin, it should be lower than the concentration of auxin(72 cell propagation tray). However, if the concentration of cytokinin is too low and the concentration of auxin is too high, it will affect the proliferation speed of buds, and sometimes no side buds are produced.

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