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Best Ground Cover To Keep Weeds Out

The natural flowering period of plum blossoms is usually 2-3 months per year, ie it blooms in late winter and early spring(105 cell seed trays wholesale). Moreover, there are many varieties of plum blossoms, and the flowering period is not the same. At the same time, the temperature in the flowering stage is generally low, so the early and late flowering period is often more or less affected by the temperature(plug trays wholesale). 

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(best ground cover to keep weeds out)Then, how to water the plum blossoms(32 cell seed trays wholesale)? If the ambient temperature is relatively low, watering the water, generally need to adjust the plum watering, usually keep the basin soil slightly moist. Usually, when plum blossoms are nearing flowering, not only should they provide sufficient light, but also the ambient temperature should be controlled between 8 °C and 12 °C.

If the humidity is too high due to more watering, it is more likely to cause the plum blossoms to appear rotten or buds(black plastic nursery pots); but if the humidity is too low and there is water shortage, the plum buds may easily dry, shrink, or even die. drop. If the water temperature is much lower than the ambient temperature, it may reduce the cold resistance of the plant, and it may cause irritation to the plant and cause frostbite. 

We must water the plum blossoms during the flowering period(sureroot plug trays bulk). It should not be too much, and it should not be too small. In the third year of spring, the plants can be transplanted. During the flowering period, the plants should not be poured and watered. It is necessary to supply water according to the dry and wet conditions of the soil. If the water temperature is too high, it is easier to form a large temperature difference in the basin.

Generally, spray surface water or surface water in the middle of the night to increase the environmental humidity.It is required that the ground soil is loose and well drained. If the air environment is relatively dry, we can also spray water to its branches(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), so as to keep the branches clean while maintaining the necessary environmental humidity, which is beneficial for the flowering of plum blossoms.(best ground cover to keep weeds out)

Whether we are watering or spraying water, we must pay attention to maintaining a certain water temperature(seed starting trays wholesale). Plant growth and flowering have adverse effects(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Therefore, the water temperature should be quite suitable for the ambient temperature. When the soil is dry, timely watering should be done to keep the potting soil suitable for the growth and flowering. 

(best ground cover to keep weeds out)Plum blossoms have the characteristics of being wet and afraid of cockroaches, so watering must be moderate(200 cell seed trays wholesale), especially in the winter and spring, it is better to keep the soil slightly moist. Wait until the flowers of the plum blossoms are all withered(plastic nursery pots), then pour a water through it, and do it "do not dry or not." When cutting, bury most of the branches in the soil and leave a bud outside.

Choose the thick branches of 10 cm to 12 cm long for cuttings(plastic cell trays supplier). After pouring, the water is poured once and covered with plastic film, so that a small range of temperature and humidity can be maintained, and the survival rate of the cuttings can be improved(wholesale nursery pots). After the next year, the ventilation is gradually adapted to the environment, and finally the film is removed.

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