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Best Plastic Hydroponic Trays Factory Indonesia

Mechanical installation and broadcasting is to complete all the above processes continuously and automatically on the mechanical installation and broadcasting line(v12 nursery pots). The container with nutrient soil shall be placed on the seedbed in order(2 gallon nursery pots wholesale). For example, the cultivated farmland in the enclosure system, the seedbed shall be disinfected with 5% formalin solution or a layer of lime shall be removed from the seedbed before discharge.

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The width of the container arrangement is generally about 1m, and the length depends on the specific conditions(mushroom growing trays). It is simple and easy to operate. It can not only improve the ground temperature, but also keep moisture, promote the early germination and orderly germination of seeds(14 gallon nursery pots wholesale). When transplanting buds, they should be pulled up vertically and put into clear water immediately to prevent physiological water shortage of buds.(best plastic hydroponic trays factory indonesia)

After the container is placed(propagation trays for cuttings), in order to prevent the container from drying, plastic cloth can be used to surround the container around the seedbed, or the only edge can be cultivated with soil to half the height of the bag to ensure the wetness of the container(15 cell propagation trays wholesale). When there is no automatic sprinkling irrigation equipment for outdoor seedling raising, plastic film is used to cover the container after sowing to reduce water evaporation.

For containers (such as plastic containers) that are not easy to pass through by seedling roots, the containers can be buried 6-7cm deep underground, and more than 10cm deep in the early dry area(small plastic hanging baskets). When loading soil, it can be pressed lightly to make sure that the weight of each container is basically the same(32 cell propagation trays wholesale). The second is to use a closed flat bed, which can not only avoid the loss of sand by rain, but also increase and maintain the humidity of the sand bed.

(best plastic hydroponic trays factory indonesia)Due to the difference of seed quality(greenhouse trays and pots), the seeds are first exposed after germination, so it is necessary to avoid breaking the radicle when sowing. 2-3 seedlings are required for each container. Slow growing trees (such as pine and other conifers) may have more seedlings; on the contrary, fast-growing trees (such as broad-leaved trees) may have less seedlings(21 cell propagation trays wholesale). After placement, the upper opening of the container is required to be flat and consistent.

This method is often used in production(thermoform pots). If the seeds are covered with nutrient soil, after sowing, first cover a thin layer with chopped straw or mountain grass, and then cover the container with all grass. When removing the grass, remove the straw, leave the chopped grass and cover it in the container, which can not only prevent the evaporation of water and sunburn(14cm plastic grow pots), but also avoid the impact of irrigation or rain on seedlings and topsoil.(best plastic hydroponic trays factory indonesia)

The following three points should be noted for bud transplantation(v10 nursery pots): first, clean river sand should be used for seedling cultivation in sand bed, and it is best to disinfect and wash with water before use, so as to avoid unnecessary dead seedlings of rotten silver. The third is to transplant seedlings accurately and carefully(50 cell propagation trays wholesale). The best time for bud transplanting is seedling stage, when the seedling height is about 3-4cm and there are 1-2 true leaves.

(best plastic hydroponic trays factory indonesia)It should be noted that the container should be well ventilated and drained(hydroponic farming tray). The transpiration of seedlings should be used to promote the growth of root system and form a complete root cluster. All containers should be arranged in rows and should be tight to prevent drying and improve the land utilization rate(13cm plastic grow pots). If leaf fertilizer is used, in order to keep warm, its concentration is 0.1% - 0.05%. Fertilization can be carried out at the same time as watering.

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