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Best Plastic Planters Wholesale Price USA

Unified family garden not only requires the change of diversity, but also depends on the unity and coordination of these diversified scenery, so as to achieve the perfection of garden structure(best plastic planters wholesale price usa). Finally, plant a layer of ground cover plants, such as ivy, paving cypress, etc., in order to integrate all kinds of flowers and trees(plastic plant pots wholesale). When designing a garden, the form should be determined according to the specific situation.

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Western gardens(4 inch plastic pots wholesale), from ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome to before the emergence of British landscape gardens in the 18th century, are mainly regular gardens, represented by Italian Terrace Gardens in the Renaissance and plane pattern gardens in lenot, France in the 17th century(3 gallon nursery pots). But the lack of shrubs and flowers and plants is monotonous(best plastic planters wholesale price usa). This style is often used in the design of family gardens with a certain scale.

The road layout is dominated by flowers and flower groups without pattern flower beds(best plastic planters wholesale price usa). Trees are mainly planted with isolated trees, bushes and groves(grow bags wholesale), without regular pruned hedges, but with natural bushes, trees and trees to bring zoning and organize garden space. Trees are not shaped regularly, but mainly with their beautiful tree posture in nature(15 gallon pot). Private gardens in China and Japan are models of natural gardens.

For example, when paving ground cover plants, stones, sand and concrete on the ground, it is easier to achieve cleanliness and unity when using the same material than using a variety of materials, and it is also easy to coordinate in texture(1 gallon nursery pots). It is better to use the same texture materials as much as possible for brick walls and fences separating space(best plastic planters wholesale price usa). Many family garden owners have achieved satisfactory results by organically unifying regular and natural design.

In actual use, the regular style is often used near the building(nursery trays price), and the natural style is a little far away(best plastic planters wholesale price usa); the area of the two methods can be determined according to the specific situation, but the junction should not be too obvious, so that it is coordinated as a whole feel. The hybrid style not only has the beauty of regularity and symmetry, but also has the advantages of natural intricate changes(20 gallon pot). Only by adapting measures to local conditions can it be economical and beautiful.

For example, the original flat terrain can be planned as a regular type, and the original undulating terrain should use the natural type(custom plant pot); the natural type can be used for the original trees with more trees, and the regular type can be used for new houses and yards with few trees; larger-scale ones For gardens, the natural style is better, while the regular style is better for small-area gardens(best plastic planters wholesale price usa). The "art of wood" appeared in home decoration.

The surrounding environment is in a regular style and should be planned and planned(hanging baskets wholesale), and the surrounding environment is in a natural style and should be designed in a natural style(best plastic planters wholesale price usa). Different garden types are not only related to people's living habits and hobbies, but also a reflection of natural conditions, cultural and historical traditions, and economic levels in a certain period of time(plastic plant trays). Different families can create gardens with distinctive styles according to their own conditions and needs.

The form of garden design There are three main forms of home garden design, namely, regular design, irregular design and mixed design. Regular design is also called integral form, pattern or geometric design(5 gallon plant pot). A small family courtyard, due to its limited area, cannot have everything like a park view, but can only highlight a certain theme(best plastic planters wholesale price usa). According to the different main structures, the home garden can be divided into the following styles(2 gallon nursery pots bulk).

Residents have a large area of activity under the trees, and it is easy to transition to a garden type or a garden type(best plastic planters wholesale price usa). The construction of the woods is relatively simple, and the original trees on the homestead can be used. In the regular design, the garden area has a clear central axis, and the scenery is arranged symmetrically on both sides of the axis(10 gallon nursery pots). Therefore, this special form should be boldly tried in the design, and it is widely used in the design of home gardens.

Newly planted trees, as long as the saplings bought are planted according to the established arrangement in the winter and spring seasons suitable for planting trees(7 gallon pots). Larger saplings should be transplanted with soil balls. The garden design of these two countries not only still preserves their own traditional style, but also deeply influences the landscape design in the West today(best plastic planters wholesale price usa). The whole layout shows a symmetrical balance(6 inch nursery pots).

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