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Best Plastic Planting Flats Wholesale Price USA

Cut the lower end of the insert into a horseshoe shaped section with a sharp knife(7 gallon nursery pots bulk), and insert it into the bed shallowly (3-5cm). After thorough cleaning or soaking in disinfectant for 15-20 minutes, the plug can also be used again. The key to choose which kind of disc is the size of the hole(10cm plastic grow pots). It is more economical to use the new disc than to reuse the old one. It was found that the seedlings in the new tray grew better.

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It is difficult to popularize and apply tissue culture seedlings in production because of the strict requirements of technology and equipment and the complex process(bulk 10 gallon pots). Most Miao factories tend to punch or die cut holes. The plug can not be used more than two or three times at most(rootmaker trays). If it is used too many times, the plug will crack, the permeable hole will expand, and the matrix will leak out from the bottom of the plug.(best plastic planting flats wholesale price usa)

Before selecting the plug, we need some samples to test its durability(bulk 14 gallon pots). This test is particularly important if the plug is to be reused. High temperature, strong light and chemicals will make foamed polystyrene aging, cracking and brittle. In addition, the holes at the bottom of the polystyrene tray can be made by punching machine, cutting with mold, or firing when heated(200 cell plug trays), but the size of the holes must be uniform to achieve the best water permeability effect.

(best plastic planting flats wholesale price usa)Chlorine or bleach is not recommended for disinfection because some plastics absorb chlorine(bulk 15 gallon pots), which can easily react with polystyrene to produce toxic substances that affect seed germination and growth. If the hardness of the foam polystyrene plug can withstand high temperature without melting, steam can be used to sterilize the plug tray(10.5cm plastic grow pots). However, it is necessary to ensure that the plug is completely dry before use.

The smaller the hole is, the more sensitive the seedlings are to the changes of moisture, nutrient, oxygen, pH and soluble salt in the substrate(bulk 20 gallon pots). Generally, the deeper the hole is, the more air there is in the matrix, which is conducive to water permeability, salt leaching and air permeability, which is conducive to the growth of roots and root hairs(v16 nursery pots). Therefore, in seedling raising, the hole shapes of seedling tray are mainly square and round.(best plastic planting flats wholesale price usa)

By contrast, most of the materials used for making plug plates are foam polystyrene, polystyrene, polyethylene or polypropylene(injection molded nursery pots). New plug should be used for vegetables which are susceptible to root disease. In most cases, some discs have ventilation holes in the middle of the holes, so that air can flow between plants(grass plug trays). Its advantages are: dry leaves, reduce disease, dry balance, ensure the plant growth in the middle of the plug.

The matrix contained in square hole is about 30% more than that in round hole(2 gallon nursery pots wholesale), water distribution is more uniform, and seedling root system development is more sufficient. Generally speaking, tomato can choose small and medium-sized 72 hole tray or 105 hole tray; hot (sweet) pepper can choose 72 hole plug(greenhouse trays plastic), the best choice is medium and large 72 hole tray; and grafting is suitable to choose 50 hole plug(such as quaternary ammonium salt).

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