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The impact of soil on seedlings is mainly reflected in the supply and coordination of nutrients, water, oxygen and heat(greenhouse supplies pots). Fatty tree species, such as Chinese fir, Chinese cedar, spruce, Madong and most leaf-smelling tree species, are suitable for raising seedlings in light loam and loam(7 gallon pots manufacturer). In the selection of seedlings in the mountainous area, pay attention to the conditions of soil filling, nutrients and light. In addition, the resistance during farming is high.

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The structure of sandy loam is loose(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), with good water permeability and low surface runoff, so the water conditions are suitable, the aeration performance is good, the air and heat conditions in the soil are good, and the soil temperature is high; the timely supply of nutrients is beneficial to the activities of soil microorganisms(gallon planters supplier); root growth The resistance is small, which is conducive to root respiration, and there is less root damage.(best plastic propagation trays manufacturers nz)

Clay, because of its compact soil structure, poor air permeability and permeability, and low temperature, the water and air in the soil are often in a contradictory state, so clay is not suitable for nursery soil(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Sowing seedlings on clay, it is difficult to unearth seedlings, the rate of field germination is low, the root system is underdeveloped, the seedlings grow poorly, and the seedling roots are easy to hurt when starting seedlings(2 gallon plant pots supplier), slope direction is best southeast.

In areas with large slopes, there are significant differences in soil moisture, nutrients and temperature due to different slope directions(plastic plant trays wholesale). Therefore, according to the location of the nursery Specific conditions, focusing on the aspect factor, the northern climate is dry and early, cold, generally choose open terrain(bulk half gallon pots). In addition, the cultivation of sandy loam and the seedling raising work are less labor-intensive than clay, and the mechanized operation consumes less oil. 

(best plastic propagation trays manufacturers nz)Seedlings have few and elongated root systems, deep distribution, and weak seedling growth(square grow pots). However, in recent years, both China and Japan have cultivated needles and seedlings of broad-leaved trees such as plum pine, red pine, black pine, sand dates, flower sticks, caragana (caragana), red willow Poplars (partially pain-tolerant species), etc.(2 gallon plant pots wholesale), have succeeded in raising seedlings on sandy soils that have been improved through cultivation.

For example, the adaptation range of seedlings such as Platycladus orientalis, Sabina sylvestris, Pinus sylvestris and Ginkgo biloba can be above the value of 7.5-8.0. Sandy loam contains less nutrient elements, so tree species that do not require high soil fertility, such as pine, larch, arborvitae, juniper, arborvitae, locust tree, and Qinglu are suitable for sandy fill. Nursery. If the p value of the soil is <4 or 5, consider improving the soil(1 gallon pots manufacturer). Therefore, generally do not choose sand soil seedlings.

The low p-value of soil reduces the effectiveness of phosphorus and other nutrients in soil filling(1.5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). If the pH is over-quoted, it will also reduce the effectiveness of certain elements. When the pH exceeds 8, it will reduce the effectiveness of elements such as phosphorus, iron, zinc, boron and manganese(2 gallon pots manufacturer). In this alkaline reaction soil, the reproduction of harmful microorganisms that compete with seedlings for nutrients is promoted, east-west channel.(best plastic propagation trays manufacturers nz)

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