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Best Plastic Seedling Trays Wholesale Price Azerbaijan

According to the growth habit and growth period, it can be divided into early spring cabbage type, summer cabbage type and mid late autumn cabbage type(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price azerbaijan). The small plant seed collection method is used for spring sowing in the South and sowing before freezing in North China. It does not germinate in that year and sprouts in the next spring(128 cell seed trays). This method has a large amount of seeds and low cost.

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Among the three seed collection methods, the seed quality of adult seed collection method is the best, and the adult seed collection method is more suitable for self propagation and self use in family gardens(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price azerbaijan). Plant diseases and insect pests should be returned to Chinese cabbage(128 cell plug trays). It is easy to suffer from sudden collapse during the seedling period. Horticultural classification: Emerald Sedum is a plant with hypertrophic leaves.

Some excellent varieties are introduced below: spring cabbage: 8398, jingt1, Zhonggan 12, Jinggan 4, Chunfeng, Bao, Chunlei, Zhengchun, Yanchun, Donggan 1, Beijing Siji, Neiyuan 5, Dongnong 607, etc.; autumn cabbage(105 cell plug trays): Zhonggan 9, huagan 1, Qingan 1, Yuka 2, neipei 2, Xiyang 4, Qingan 13, Qiukang, Qiulan, etc.; summer cabbage: Xiaguang, Jixia Heiye xiaobantou, Zhonggan No. 8, Xia Qiang, etc. Shade properly, and temporarily let the plants receive a small amount of sunlight within a few days. 

During colonization, there should be about 8 true leaves in spring cabbage seedlings, 6 ~ 8 true leaves in autumn cabbage, and the height of hypocotyl should not exceed 3cm. Commercial seedling technology has strong root regeneration ability of heading cabbage(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price azerbaijan). During the cultivation period, the seedlings can be divided into 1 ~ 2 times(32 cell seedling tray). It is best to use containers to protect the roots and keep the bed moist. 

The days of early maturing cultivation and seedling cultivation in spring are 45 ~ 60, and the cabbage in summer and autumn is 30-45 days. It is prevented by medication during sowing(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price azerbaijan). The sowing amount of 1 square meter seedbed is 15-30g, and the cultivation area of 667 square meters generally needs 20 ~ 30g(162 cell seed starting trays). Select spring cabbage varieties with strong cold resistance, short growth period and difficult to extract, such as l: sea I slow month, etc.

Types and varieties are divided into three types according to the shape of leaf ball(10cm plastic plant pots). Then, in order to prevent the lower shaft from growing too long, the temperature is generally controlled at 20t in the daytime and Lo at night, not too low, so as to avoid too long seedling days(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price azerbaijan). The seedlings are raised 1 ~ 2 times in spring and 1 time in summer(32 cell plug tray). When the seedlings are cultivated, the nutritional area is 78cm square. 

When raising autumn cabbage seedlings in high temperature season, proper shading should be done in the early stage, and attention should be paid to the prevention and control of pests(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price azerbaijan). Robust seedlings should have short internodes(13cm plastic plant pots), thick leaves, developed roots, 667 square meters without vernalization field management, 3 ~ 4 cubic meters of rotten farm fertilizer, 30 ~ 50 kg of calcium superphosphate, 100 kg of plant ash or 10 kg of potassium sulfate. 

During sowing, the ground should be prepared for height(3 gallon pots). Then, when there are 5 ~ 6 leaves, control the night temperature 13~15tc to avoid long-term low temperature below 10 ℃. If the night temperature is low, increase the door day temperature to offset the vernalization effect of low night temperature(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price azerbaijan). It requires beautiful shape, unique shape and rich color, so as to improve the ornamental effect of potted flowers.

The cultivation width of spring cabbage is about 1m, covered with plastic film, and drilled with a punch according to the predetermined plant row spacing, or covered with high sleeping ditch, hole or ditch shed(50 cell plug trays). It shall be selected according to different requirements in production, viewing and display. It requires good drainage and air permeability, light weight and low price(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price azerbaijan). Most of the production basins are round. 

Single leaves alternate, arranged in spikes, spindle shaped, 1.5 ~ 2.5 cm long, slightly curved at the base, apex acuminate, light green, covered with white powder, fleshy(200 cell plug trays). Then corymbose terminal; Florets nearly campanulate, 5-lobed, peach red to purplish red; Stamens 10; Ovary superior. The sunflower fruit is fleshy(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price azerbaijan). The flowering period is from April to June(200 cell seed trays). Results are usually not seen under cultivation conditions. 

Main uses: this plant is an indoor potted flower, which is suitable for hanging in front of windows, balconies and other places with sufficient sunlight for beautification(seedling tray 104 holes). Because emerald Sedum is a cam plant, it can release oxygen at night, so it is especially suitable for decorating bedrooms(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price azerbaijan). Seedling cultivation: this plant mainly propagates by stem insertion, mostly in March to May every year. Fine sand can be used as breeding substrate.

Cut 3 ~ 5cm long stem segments for supporting and inserting, and the specifications of the basin can be determined according to specific needs(162 cell plug tray). As jadeite Sedum is very drought resistant, do not water the cuttings too much(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price azerbaijan). If the fine sand is too wet, it is easy to cause cuttings to rot(288 cell plug tray). Characteristics of potted flowers: (after potting, the root system of member flowers is limited to the basin, and the basin soil and nutrient area are limited.

The leaf cutting method can also be used for seedling cultivation. Pay attention to the use of the old leaves at the base of the plant as the breeding material(5 gallon pots). Although the propagation coefficient of this method is high, the seedlings grow slowly and are not suitable for small-scale propagation(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price azerbaijan). It is generally not suitable for solitary planting of emerald Sedum, and put 3 ~ 4 seedlings in each cultivation container The effect of cluster planting is better. 

When the matrix is dry, the cuttings have the best rooting(9cm flower pots). The planting method: plant in the ground, and most of the Feicai seedlings are planted in summer. It is advisable to select a high, flat and sunny place, cross dig holes according to the row spacing of 5cm and the plant spacing of 5cm, cover the seedlings with soil after stabilizing, press slightly, and water appropriately(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price azerbaijan). The basal leaves should be removed first After air drying for several days, support and insert.

Cultivation substrate: it does not have strict requirements on the soil, but if conditions permit, the basin soil used can use the mixed substrate composed of rotten leaves, coarse sand and garden soil, and their proportion is 0.5:2:1 by volume(7 gallon pots). Planting method: pot planting, which can be determined when the roots of seedlings are relatively developed Medium sized flowerpots can be used as cultivation containers(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price azerbaijan).

The ground temperature shall be controlled at 18 ~ 20c during the sending of the letter, and the air ground temperature shall be controlled slightly lower after the emergence of the seedlings(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price azerbaijan). During the operation, fill a small amount of soil first, put in 3 ~ 4 seedlings, and press the soil slightly after filling(72 cell plug trays). Water the seedlings properly first to stabilize them, and remember not to top fertilizer during the breeding period. 

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