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Best Plastic Seedling Trays Wholesale Price Poland

The application of plastin and cytokinin to promote branching(plant pot suppliers). Reducing the density of branches and shoots is usually solved by thinning branches, extending branches and increasing branch angle. Increase the number of flower buds of young trees, flourishing trees, over dense trees and trees with more fruits. Young trees should be cut lightly, put long, cut sparsely, shoot, pluck heart, etc(3.94inch plastic nursery pots). Trees with more fruit should have more buds.

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In order to reduce the differentiation of flower bud, the method of heavy cutting and short cutting, winter heavy cutting and summer light cutting were used(72 cell trays). By pruning and improving the nutrition supply of flowers and fruits, flower and fruit can be reduced. The specific way is as follows: keep the reasonable quantity and proportion of each organ according to the high yield index(4.33inch plastic plant pots). This method is often used to erect branches on the back.(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price poland)

The measures are to reduce the number of dense branches before flower bud differentiation, open the angle of big branches, and promote flower bud differentiation(large plastic planters cheap). Increase the angle to select and keep the branch and bud of culture angle, such as cutting bud to keep outer bud or downward bud, such as keeping reasonable flower bud amount(bulk 14 gallon pots), proportion of flower bud and leaf bud, proportion of renewal branch of fruiting branch, proportion of long and short branch, etc.

(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price poland)The disadvantage is that long-term application will reduce soil organic matter rapidly, damage soil structure and affect the growth and development of fruit trees(72 cell trays bulk). The intercropping should be stopped when the fruit trees enter the full fruit stage. In addition, it can improve the light, increase the storage nutrition and enrich the branches and buds after the end of shoot(injection molded nursery pots); before the end of shoot, it can improve the light, control the shoot and keep the fruit.

Reduce the number of flower buds of old and weak trees(plastic flower pots wholesale). According to the characteristics of fruit trees, the cultivation of branch group and pruning branch group are important measures to improve the yield, prevent large and small years and mitigate the displacement of fruit bearing parts. In the whole crown, the branch group should be distributed in large and small outside, more below and less above(bulk 15 gallon pots), not empty inside, and the scenery is transparent.

Select the best and discard the inferior, keep the strong branches and flower buds(plastic seed trays). Orchard soil management mainly adopts the following methods. The method of clear ploughing (leisure after ploughing) is a method that does not grow crops in the garden and often ploughs to keep the soil loose and weed free(2 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The disadvantage is that long-term grass is easy to harden the topsoil, affect ventilation, and compete with fruit trees for water and nutrients.(best plastic seedling trays wholesale price poland)

The clear ploughing method is usually used in deep ploughing in autumn and multiple times in spring and summer(nursery plant pots wholesale). Its advantage is that it can significantly increase soil organic nitrogen in a short period of time, and play a role in weeding, fertilizer conservation and water conservation. It has both the advantages of clear ploughing and grass growing(bulk 20 gallon pots), and reduces the disadvantages of both. Organic fertilizer is also called farmyard manure, and promoting fruit maturity and quality.

Growth regulators can also be used to increase flower bud differentiation(plastic garden pots wholesale). The soil management method for planting grass, legume and other grass seeds between fruit trees is called the method of growing grass. It has the advantages of increasing soil organic matter, improving soil physical and chemical properties, increasing soil fertility, reducing soil erosion(14 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Regulating the growth of branches and shoots is suitable for the nutrition supply of flowers and fruits.

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