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Best Plastic Succulent Pots Wholesale Suppliers Canada

There are two main types of banding methods(greenhouse supplies pots). The method of low pressure is to use the branches at the base of the mother plant to strip, which can be divided into vertical strip and horizontal strip because of the different ways of strip(36 cell propagation trays wholesale). Before sprouting in autumn or early spring of the previous year, the base of the mother plant shall be flat stubble at the sixth to seventh buds to promote its multiple sprouting branches.

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In summer or spring of the next year, the sprouting branches shall be used for pruning and seedling raising(plastic nursery pots). Low pressure seedling cultivation can be divided into vertical and horizontal methods. It is often used for tree species that are difficult to survive by cutting and burying methods, such as Dwarf Rootstock Varieties of apple, osmanthus, Magnolia, Loutao, longan, tomb branch, etc(seed starter trays). The phase degree (diameter) of the root is about 0.5-2cm.(best plastic succulent pots wholesale suppliers canada)

Burying branches is a method of raising seedlings by laying them flat and burying them in the seedbed to promote their germination and rooting(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The method of vertical layering piles soil at the base of the mother plant, buries 15-20cm of soil at the base of all the sprouting branches of the mother plant to promote its rooting (also can be cultivated several times). After root collection(wholesale nursery pots), moisturizing measures shall be taken immediately to prevent water loss.

After rooting, it is cut off from the mother plant to become seedlings, so it is also called the method of soil maintenance layering(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). In order to promote rooting, the base of the branch can be circumcised (cortex cut off) or wrapped with a thin lead blanket, and then buried. Water shall be added in time when drying(wholesale greenhouse pots). In order to promote rooting, the circumcised part shall be treated with ABT rooting powder. After rooting, the mother was cut off to form seedlings.

(best plastic succulent pots wholesale suppliers canada)For other management, please refer to the seedling raising part of hardwood cuttings(flat plastic tray). Layering seedling is a kind of seedling raising method that buries the branches on the mother forest directly in the soil or encloses them in the moist matrix, and then cuts off the mother plant after rooting. Before rooting, this method is used to supply nutrients and water by its mother, and the survival rate of seedlings is higher(6 cell propagation trays wholesale). In the south, autumn, winter and early spring are all available.

Firstly, the base of the branch to be pressed shall be circumcised or peeled (the width of the circumcised bark shall be about 1 / 10 of the branch diameter), and then the moist moss(plastic grow pots), sawdust, vermiculite, etc. shall be used as the substrate to wrap the wound, and the moisturizing materials such as plastic film shall be added(8 cell propagation trays wholesale). Some tree species have difficulty in rooting and low survival rate, but it is easy to survive by root propagation.(best plastic succulent pots wholesale suppliers canada)

Therefore, air layering is a method of layering the current or annual branches on the crown of the mother tree(black plastic nursery pots). For example, Populus tomentosa, Zitong, Ailanthus altissima, Aspen, Robinia pseudoacacia, lacquer tree, plank picking, jujube tree, political rose, yellow bayonet and so on, can be propagated by root, especially the root of seedlings or moving trees is better(12 cell propagation trays wholesale). The storage method of root strips is the same as that of cuttings.

The two ends shall be tightly tied, and the substrate shall be kept in a moist state frequently(plug trays wholesale). Even if the roots are taken from the mature trees for root propagation, the seedlings can also play a role of rejuvenation. It is suitable to pick roots from seedlings, young or tree age mother plants in the dormancy period of trees(18 cell propagation trays wholesale). In the north, it is not suitable to pick roots in the severe winter, so as to avoid freezing damage to the roots of trees. 

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