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Best Price 5 Gallon Garden Planters Wholesale

During this period, the soil is kept moist after transplanting to avoid the formation of old seedlings or long-term(gallon nursery pots), so that the water can be sprayed in the morning and evening to keep the field in a high-humidity state, creating an environment that is beneficial to the survival of the seedlings and is not conducive to the growth of the spider mites(wholesale greenhouse pots). At the same time, some fake seedlings are reserved for use during transplanting.

After the sapling period, avoid pouring and pouring, and mainly rely on furrow irrigation to keep the dry noodles dry(propagation tray). The rosette was sprayed with 0.3% borax solution once a day. The lettuce is harvested in time before the buds or when the heart leaves are flush with the outer leaves(greenhouse supplies pots). When planting, carefully remove the susceptible strains that have shown mild symptoms, and do so with less diseased seedlings into the field.(best price 5 gallon garden planters wholesale)

The use of susceptible strains will eventually stop growing(black plastic plant pots), dying or lose commercial value regardless of the onset of disease, and staying in the field will become a source of infection and increase the chance of developing a susceptible strain. After the lettuce is transplanted into the field, 25 sheets of 25 cm × 30 cm yellow plates are evenly suspended every 667 m2(plastic grow pots), and the lower end of the yellow plate is preferably 10-15 cm higher than the lettuce plants.

(best price 5 gallon garden planters wholesale)Improve planting efficiency(plug trays). When the second true leaf is unfolded, pymetrozine or thiamethoxam plus beta-cypermethrin is used to spray the water, leafhoppers and other pests are transmitted to the disease, and the medicine is sprayed again 7 days later. In the 2nd and 3rd days before transplanting, the medicine is sprayed once again(128 cell seed starter trays), and it is taken as a gift to the field to prevent the feeding of the leafhopper from being transplanted.

In the seedling stage, the insect-proof net is not used to cover the seedlings(square nursery pots). In the critical period of prevention of leaf blast disease in the field, the two spray prevention measures must be put in place. It was found that the diseased plants were removed in time, and the concentrated piles could not be discarded at will, and the plants were replanted(flat plastic tray). Therefore, it is necessary to remove the diseased plants in time to reduce the probability of disease transmission. 

Especially in non-large occurrence years, yellow plate trapping can significantly reduce the incidence of field strains(gallon plant pot). The succulent stem formation period requires sufficient water, the lack of water stems and small rods, the base epidermis is easy to crack. If the insect-repellent net is used to cover the seedlings(32 cell seed starting trays), it is only necessary to spray the medicine once or twice before the transplanting, and bring it into the field as a feeding medicine.(best price 5 gallon garden planters wholesale)

After 7 days of transplanting lettuce(seed starter trays), pymetrozine, thiamethoxam, etofenproxil, beta-cypermethrin, and bifenthrin were used to control the water spray. After 5 to 7 days, the drug was sprayed once, rotated, and used to prevent pre-floating Passing the disease. After the seedlings are survived, 5 kg of urea and 5 kg of potassium sulphate are applied every 667 m2 per 667 m2(seed plug trays wholesale), and once every 5 to 7 days, the early growth is fastened and the susceptibility period is shortened.

(best price 5 gallon garden planters wholesale)The number(cell trays). In the middle and late stages of field planting, according to the occurrence of leaf aphid in lettuce field, according to the prevention and treatment of lettuce, sclerotinia, downy mildew, leaf miner and other pests, the above agents and sclerotium, enoylmorpholine(105 cell seed starting trays), fly killing Alkaline and other pesticides are alternately rotated to reduce the amount of leaf aphids and control the occurrence of lettuce chlorotic heart rot.

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