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For the novice flower friends, the azaleas are good-looking but not very good(black plastic nursery pots). Generally, the flower friends who have successfully raised the azaleas will pay more tuition fees, so for the novice flower friends, it is good to know the rhododendrons. The first step, how to raise the azalea in this article (family raising the law) is the personal experience of the flower friends, for the reference of the flower friends! Du Fu Xishui, can not be too dry(120mm plastic grow pots). Du Fu is sour, I almost always add ferrous sulfate to water.

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(best price fabric bags wholesale suppliers usa)Every time I go to the river for two kilometers, I can't use the tap water at home(plastic nursery pots). I can't use tap water directly. Tap water can be watered, it is best to put it in the basin for a while, then use it to water the flowers. The soil used for the soil + the special substrate of the rhododendron + the pine needles that came back from the park, and then the pine soil is more powerful(12.5cm plastic grow pots), and the pot is full of holes, which ensures absolute water permeability.

Fertilization: If the flowering period uses potassium dihydrogen phosphate(plug trays wholesale), usually use dried banana peel, peel, broken bones, and also use a little flower market to buy cake fertilizer and bone meal. In fact, when the temperature is high, it is necessary to spray water on the leaves every morning and evening. Saffron, also known as saffron, saffron, and taffeta, is native to southern Europe and Asia Minor. The flowering period of flowering plants is generally from October to November(13cm plastic grow pots). Saffron is a semi-yin environment.

(best price fabric bags wholesale suppliers usa)Simply say some of the conservation points of potted peony for the reference of the flower friends(wholesale nursery pots)! Especially the fixed stock, take the buds generally before and after the convulsions. Before planting, it is necessary to dry the seeds, and the nutritional value is very rich. In the open field cultivation, the soil should be ploughed, made into sorghum, and the fermented organic fertilizer and superphosphate should be used as the base fertilizer(14cm plastic grow pots). After about the middle and late May, the upper part of the ground was withered and the bulbs were dug out. The summer was placed in the shade and the plants were planted from August to September.

Below, hi-light is ventilated, placed in astigmatism and ventilated place, do not move casually(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Open field cultivation, pay attention to cultivating and weeding during growth to facilitate bulb growth. Also keep the soil moist to root. In the spring of the second year, attention should be paid to watering to encourage the new bulb to expand. Temperature, light, cover the grass curtains and other things in the winter in the north to prevent cold(15cm plastic grow pots). It is cool and cold, and it is suitable for cultivation in sandy loam with good drainage and rich humus.

(best price fabric bags wholesale suppliers usa)In addition, it is necessary to apply 1-2 times of decomposed cake fertilizer water in time(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), and the bottom stone is bottomed. The other method is semi-soil and semi-water pots, which can provide water for a long time without water shortage, and the surrounding air humidity is also compared. Large and small environment is the same as the natural river, which is very suitable for moss growth(16cm plastic grow pots). However, many new mosses planted in this kind of flower pot will have an adaptation period of one week to one month, which is actually "turning water."

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