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Planting time: This plant is perennial, its seedlings grow quickly, and it is easy to age(best seed starting trays manufacturers algeria). In addition to viewing, peruviana can also be used as medicine to reduce swelling and fever. External use can treat traumatic injuries, and internal use can treat edema and hepatitis(50 cell plug trays). Under good management conditions, Emperor jade is not easy to get sick and is less invaded by harmful animals. 

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The suitable temperature for growth is the monthly average temperature of 12-20℃, and the optimum temperature for planting and bulb germination is generally 15-18℃(best seed starting trays manufacturers algeria). The cold resistance is strong(72 cell seedling trays). In summer, it enters into dormancy at high temperature stage, and the overwintering temperature should not be lower than 12 ℃, which can withstand short-term low temperature of - 5 ℃. 

Before planting, put 5~10 grams of horseshoe slices on the base of the flowerpot as a base fertilizer(best seed starting trays manufacturers algeria). Management points: Peruviana prefers a dry soil environment. Leeks, green onions, etc. can live through the winter in the cold northern areas. It likes warmth and is afraid of low temperature(5 gallon nursery pots). It grows well in the temperature range of 18 ~ 28 ℃, and the overwintering temperature should not be lower than 5 ℃. 

After the seedlings are stabilized, you can water them appropriately, and then shade them for 2 to 3 days before they can be exposed to sunlight(50 deep cell plug trays). Colonization method: potted planting. In actual cultivation, pitcher grass will be damaged by gray mold and other harmful animals such as aphids(best seed starting trays manufacturers algeria). Colonization method: potted plant can be colonized directly by using the capsule separated from the mother plant(40 cell seed tray inserts).

Propagate with new seeds(72 cell plug trays). If you use two-year-old seeds, you should increase the sowing amount of seeds. Beautification effect: Peruviana is easy to manage and adaptable. There are many kinds of green leafy vegetables(best seed starting trays manufacturers algeria). In order to increase the interest of cultivation, a layer of gravel with a thickness of about 1 cm can be laid on the surface of the basin soil, which can also play the role of moisture conservation. 

It is best to keep the pot soil in a wet and dry state during the vigorous growth stage(32 cell plug tray). Watering should be controlled during the dormant stage, otherwise the plants are easy to rot. Key points of management: Diyu prefers a dry soil environment(14 cm plastic plant pots). It can be watered properly during the vigorous growth stage from autumn to the next spring, but after the plants enter the dormant state in summer, the basin soil should be kept dry(best seed starting trays manufacturers algeria). 

Morphological characteristics: Perennial fleshy herb. Plant height is 3~5 cm(best seed starting trays manufacturers algeria). Single leaf opposite, with 2~3 pairs of highly fleshy leaves, deep cracks between the two leaves, joint base, semi-conical, rounded apex, gray to gray-green, fleshy, with a large number of punctate protrusions. The cultivation container can be a medium-sized flowerpot(seedling tray 104 holes). More, the more available nitrogen fertilizer in the soil, the more enriched.

A single flower emerges between two leaf cracks, with short stalks, 6-7 cm in diameter, light orange-red: many petals(best seed starting trays manufacturers algeria). Gourd(32 cell tray). The best viewing period can be up to 2 to 3 years after the seedlings are planted. It contains a lot of carbohydrates, protein, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. Gardening classification: Emperor Jade is a plant with thick leaves(10cm plastic plant pots). When the seedlings start to sprout new leaves, they can be colonized.

Seed life is relatively short, generally 2 years, the germination ability of aging seeds over 2 years is significantly reduced, and the growth is not strong after germination or halfway death(best seed starting trays manufacturers algeria). Although its leaves are not very eye-catching, it will produce inflorescences like bells every spring, which makes the viewer feel refreshed(13cm plastic plant pots). Because its growth is very slow, even the formed plants do not need to turn the pot every year. 

When planting green onions and onions in autumn, pay attention to the planting time(200 cell plug trays). Planting is too late, and the yield of seedlings will be low after the second year of planting. Green leafy vegetables tend to be rich in nitrates, such as celery and spinach, which can reach about 2000 mg/kg based on fresh weight(105 cell plant trays). Sowing early, the seedlings are larger during the winter, and the seedlings are easy to be unripe in the second year(best seed starting trays manufacturers algeria). 

The secretions of onion-labeled vegetables can kill some pathogens in the soil. Rotation or intercropping with other vegetables is beneficial to the growth of other vegetables and the reduction of diseases(best seed starting trays manufacturers algeria). Planting Chinese cabbage as follows can reduce the occurrence of soft rot(105 cell plug trays). Usage: this kind of plant is an indoor potted flower, which is suitable to be placed in the sunny place in front of the window for beautification.

Flowering period is from November of the first year to January of the following year(162 cell plug tray). Shaped plants should not be planted continuously, otherwise the growth of the plants will become weaker and the ornamental value will decrease significantly, so they must be updated in time(best seed starting trays manufacturers algeria). The cultivation conditions are different, such as low light in winter and short light time, and the nitrate content is higher than in summer. 

Cultivation substrate: the pot soil used is composed of rotten leaves, coarse sand and garden soil, and their proportion is 0.5:3:0.5 by volume(128 cell trays). Adding some calcium superphosphate, the dosage can be controlled at about 0.2% of the total volume of cultivation substrate(best seed starting trays manufacturers algeria). It is an indoor potted flower, which is suitable to be placed in front of windows, balconies and other places with sufficient sunlight for beautification.

Normally, it is best to dry them for half a day before planting, which can reduce the phenomenon of rotten roots(10.5 cm plant pots). Small flowerpots can be used as cultivation containers(best seed starting trays manufacturers algeria). First put the seedlings in place and straighten them, then fill the soil slightly according to the solid, and pay attention to leaving the edge opening(128 cell seed trays). Then water appropriately. In order to improve the survival rate, it is best not to apply base fertilizer.

This plant has a long dormancy period, and watering should be controlled at this stage(best seed starting trays manufacturers algeria). They don't like big fertilizer(pp woven ground cover). They can apply fertilizer every 2 ~ 3 weeks in the vigorous growth stage. Some ornamental and medicinal plants are used to eat their tender stems and leaves, and some wild vegetables have been artificially cultivated. It likes warmth and is afraid of cold(200 cell trays). It grows well in the temperature range of 15 ~ 25 ℃.

The greatness of creation can be seen from this! In terms of planting years: this plant is perennial, its formation is slow, and its root system is not easy to age(best seed starting trays manufacturers algeria). Its best viewing period can reach 5 ~ 7 years after seedling planting. Avoid topdressing during dormancy. Emperor jade likes strong Yang and is not resistant to shade(7 gallon nursery pots). If the daylighting at the planting site is poor, the growth of the plant will be weaker and weaker. 

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