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Measures to prevent the quality deterioration of radish, such as bran core and disproportion root. In the process of cultivation, the quality of radish will deteriorate due to improper environmental conditions and poor seed quality(best seed starting trays wholesale suppliers uk). Specifically, the more appropriate sowing date should be determined according to the variety, school training day and climatic conditions.

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During autumn cultivation, if old seeds are used, they will be sown early and easy to be pumped out in case of high temperature and drought(best seed starting trays wholesale suppliers uk). In production, old seeds should be used as little as possible(72 cell propagation tray). If they must be used, they should not be sown too early, and fertilizer and water management should be strengthened. Root cracking often occurs in the land mass with uneven dry and wet, early and then waterlogging.

Especially in the early stage of growth, due to drought, the external cortex gradually hardens and the internal cell division speed slows down. In the middle and late stage of growth, the water is sufficient again, and the internal cell division speed is accelerated(2 gallon pots). Under good management conditions, the best viewing period of field planters can be up to 10 years or even longer(best seed starting trays wholesale suppliers uk). 

However, the hardened external cortex cannot grow accordingly, and the cortex is squeezed and broken, resulting in root cracking(128 cell plug trays). Cracked radish has poor merchantability, poor quality and is not resistant to storage. In the cultivation process, the fertilizer and water shall be uniform, and timely watering shall be carried out in case of drought(best seed starting trays wholesale suppliers uk).

If the bifurcated root is also called bifurcation, it is caused by the expansion of lateral roots(51 cell seed trays). Reasons for expansion of lateral roots: the soil is not good, the taproot encounters too many hard objects such as stones and rubble, or the soil is sticky, resulting in the development and expansion of lateral roots(best seed starting trays wholesale suppliers uk). Varieties with soft fleshy roots, fast growth and less starch and sugar content in cells are prone to bran core.

In China, the water supply in the field is uneven(v23 plastic pots). The application of immature farm manure "burned" the taproot growth point; The growth point of taproot was damaged and the lateral root expanded during tillage(best seed starting trays wholesale suppliers uk); The main growth is too crowded, the taproot is bent, which promotes the growth of lateral roots and expands later; Root injection was injured during transplantation(288 cell plug tray).

Generally, the soil is wet in the early stage and dry early when the fleshy roots grow vigorously in the later stage, which is easy to chaff(50 cell propagation trays); Sowing too early, planting too thin is also easy to chaff(best seed starting trays wholesale suppliers uk); When the immature root is drawn, the nutrients of the fleshy root are violently transformed and transported to the top of the growth, making the radish bran heart; Low humidity and high temperature during storage are easy to chaff.

In cultivation, we should pay attention to the regulation of fertilizer and water, do not sow too early, and try to avoid the impact of adverse environment during storage(9cm flower pots). Black heart and physiological black skin radish are damaged by black rot(best seed starting trays wholesale suppliers uk). they turn black, rot or black heart internally, and there are no symptoms from the appearance(9cm plastic plant pots). Main vegetables are also called bulk vegetables, which are relative to other vegetables.

In case of soil hardening, poor ventilation or fermentation of immature fart fertilizer, excessive oxygen consumption causes root asphyxia, and some internal tissue necrosis can also form black heart(12cm nursery pot). Pay attention to the prevention and control of black rot and do not apply immature fertilizer(best seed starting trays wholesale suppliers uk). Rough skin, high soil water content, poor ventilation and enlarged lenticels of fleshy roots. Pith pith pith pith is also called hollow.

Carrots are widely cultivated all over the world and are rich in back nutrition(200 cell seed trays). They are important root vegetables. It is not only related to varieties, but also related to the development of fleshy roots(best seed starting trays wholesale suppliers uk). At this time, physiological black skin can also be caused. The spicy taste is due to the high content of mustard oil(15 cell seed trays). There are great differences in color, shape and maturity between types and varieties of carrot fleshy roots. 

The well-developed meat root has light spicy taste, the poor spicy taste is heavy, the climate is hot, the soil is dry, and the spicy taste of small meat root after being damaged by diseases and insect pests is heavy(32 cell seed tray). In order to prevent root disproportion, the ground should be carefully prepared, radishes should not be planted in plots with too many hard objects, and immature maofei and time seedlings should not be used(best seed starting trays wholesale suppliers uk).

Generally, the suitable temperature for the growth of fleshy roots is 13 ~ 23 ℃ at the expansion stage, which can withstand the low temperature of - 3 ~ - SC, and about 25C at the flowering and fruiting stage(best seed starting trays wholesale suppliers uk). The top layer of deep, fertile, humus rich and well drained loam or sandy loam is the best for carrot growth(12.5 cm plant pots). For example, Liaoning Zhongchuang sows in April, and the summer radish sowing date does not yield. 

Succulent root growth: water properly in the early stage of growth, and water more in the later stage to keep the soil moist(best seed starting trays wholesale suppliers uk). The varieties suitable for local growth shall be selected, and the suitable varieties shall be selected according to the thickness of soil layer. Like strong light(1 gallon pots). They are sown from late June to the last sentence of July in the cold areas of the north, and in the middle and late July in the warm areas of the north. 

Suitable soil pH 5 ~ 8. The appropriate soil relative water content is 60% ~ 80%. The ratio of absorbing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is about 2.5:1:4(best seed starting trays wholesale suppliers uk). When the plant grows to a certain size, it needs a long time to pass vernalization under low temperature(3 gallon pots). During cultivation, appropriate types and varieties should be selected according to local consumption habits, depth of soil layer and cultivation purpose.

According to the shape of fleshy roots, they are generally divided into three types: short cone type, long cone type and long cylinder type(105 cell plug flats). In the early stage, when the seeds are sown in spring, when the seeds are sprouted and meet the low temperature, they are drawn through vernalization, so they cannot be sown too early in spring(best seed starting trays wholesale suppliers uk). The varieties with deep soil layer can be selected. Fen radish is generally sown early. 

Some excellent varieties per hectare include(21 cell seed trays): Jinhong 1, Jinhong 2, xintouxin red, Yangzhou Red 1, Jinghong 5 inches, Chunhong 5 inches 1, Chunhong 5 inches 2, Xiashi 5 inches, Xinhong, Youzhu red, hongfutian, xinheitian 5, Yantai 3 inches, Xiaoding golden red, flagpole red, a wax, JuYang, etc(best seed starting trays wholesale suppliers uk). Among them, the weather is Jinghong 5 inches, summer 5 inches, Chunhong 5 inches No. 1, Chunhong 5 inches No. 2, xinheitian 5 inches, Yantai 3 inches, JuYang, etc. are suitable for spring sowing(162 cell seed starting trays).

The growth period of carrots is generally 90 ~ L10 days(best seed starting trays wholesale suppliers uk). Apply about 45 cubic meters of fully decomposed farm manure per hectare, 1500 ~ 3000 kg of plant ash or 225 kg of potassium sulfate, turn it into the upper middle and deep plough to make the soil loose and the topsoil finely broken. Wow or ridge farming. Rub off the bristles before sowing and drill sowing(98 cell seed tray). Generally, the row spacing is 20 ~ 25 cm, which can also be sown.

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