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Because of the loose soil layer and the small heat capacity of air, the cultivated soil has a higher ground temperature(200 cell seed starting trays), which is conducive to seed germination and seedling growth in early spring, and because of the poor thermal conductivity of air, the night temperature variation of the cultivated layer is small, which is conducive to the life activities of root system(plastic flower pots).  It is also called climbing land, which is the main link of soil cultivation.

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Its purpose is to prevent soil water evaporation, eliminate weeds and pests, reduce the resistance of cultivated land, and improve the quality of cultivated land(plastic seedling trays). The function of statistical production data, first, to detect the implementation of the quota standard, to provide a basis for the revision of the quota standard(9cm plant pots). Secondly, it provides basis for making and revising activity cost and scientific production quota. 

(best thermoformed pot wholesalers usa)The time and depth of shallow tillage should be determined according to the purpose and object of tillage(104 cell seed starting trays). One is to loosen and deepen the cultivation layer, so as to improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil. Due to the loose soil layer, the activity of aerobic microorganism is promoted(128 cell plug trays), so the organic matter is decomposed continuously, which provides sufficient nutrients for the growth of seedlings.

Seedling raising, such as underpinning or burying roots(105 cell propagation trays), should be set in the section with deep soil layer, loose soil and wet soil, and the conditions of irrigation and shade should be considered; the method of layering and splitting seedling raising is less, the amount of seedling raising is small, and sporadic plot can be used for seedling raising(v11 nursery pots). Shallow ploughing stubble machine has disc handle, nail tooth target, etc.(best thermoformed pot wholesalers usa)

Three, leveling the surface of the soil can not only reduce the evaporation of soil moisture, but also create favorable conditions for irrigation, sowing and young soil unearthed(72 cell propagation trays). In a word, through deep ploughing, the soil structure is improved, the ability of water and fertilizer conservation is improved, weeds are eliminated, and good conditions are created for seed germination, cuttings rooting and seedling root growth(v9 plastic pots).

In addition, it has the functions of burying weed seeds, crop stubble, mixing fertilizer and eliminating diseases and insect pests(105 cell seed starter trays). However, it is necessary to cover the soil after grafting, and there are fewer underground pests, so as to avoid damaging the scion and causing graft failure(hydroponic farming tray). For the crops or green fertilizer plants planted in Miao country, the shallow ploughing should be carried out in time after the crop harvest, and the depth is generally 4-7cm.

(best thermoformed pot wholesalers usa)However, when the nursery is opened in the raw land or old cut land(200 cell seed starter trays), the depth of shallow ploughing should reach 10-15cm due to the large degree of consolidation of the miscellaneous grass roots. In the case of residual roots after the seedling is raised in the enclosure, or in the stubble land where crops are harvested and green manure crops are harvested(succulent planter tray), shallow ploughing and stubble killing is called shallow ploughing and stubble killing.

The depth of cultivated land has a direct impact on the effects of cultivated land(32 cell seed starter trays). Deep ploughing not only has a significant effect on water conservation, but also has a good root effect on promoting the ripening of the deep raw soil, increasing the aggregate structure of the soil and improving the soil fertility(orchid plug trays). If the cultivated land is too shallow, the above purpose cannot be achieved. Therefore, the saying goes: deep ploughing, early full not afraid.

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