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In the early spring, when the temperature rises in the country, attention should be paid to check to prevent the stable strip from heating and damage(cell trays). One layer of 10 cm wet sand is added to each layer of de strip. The age of Dechang and its development have great influence on rooting, but it varies with species(nursery plant pots). The tree species with slow rooting or under the condition of early dry environment can grow longer, and vice versa.

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If the temperature is too high, try to cool down(gallon plant pot). The rooting ability of the branches in different parts of the cut part is different. Generally, the rooting rate of thick and full-bodied branches is high, such as poplar, willow, maple and other tree species. It is better to cut the middle and lower part of the technical branch with a diameter of 0.8-2.5cm as the cuttings(128 cell seed trays wholesale), and cut off the fine head of the incomplete branches.(best thermoformed pots manufacturers canada)

Whose tree species, such as forsythia, lime, purple de sugar, etc.(propagation tray), can be inserted with a thickness of 0.3-1.5cm. The time of fruiting, deciduous tree species should be in autumn after defoliation, but too strong light will increase the transpiration of evergreen tree species, lose the water balance, reduce the survival rate(flat plastic tray). When the sugar strip is placed about 10 cm from the ground, it is filled with wet sand and then sealed with soil to form a ridge.

(best thermoformed pots manufacturers canada)In order to prevent the peach strips from heating in the ditch(plastic grow pots), one vent hole should be added every certain distance when burying the strips, such as the bamboo slips with holes or the draft handle bundles. The distance between the incision and the bud should be 1-2cm from the upper incision and 0.5cm from the lower incision, willow and willow can use one to two-year branches(128 cell trays bulk), which is conducive to absorbing water.

The best way to pick the sugar is to pick it from the mother plant specially cultivated in the stable nursery(plug trays), or use the stem of annual seedlings, or use the branch of young trees or the sprout at the base of the mother plant as the inserting blanket. The annual branch rooting rate of poplar is the highest, while conifers such as Chinese fir(large plastic terracotta pots), metasequoia, Cryptomeria and luohanbai can take one or two-year branches at the base of annual cuttings.

Do not turn the upper and lower ends upside down, so as to facilitate the growth of seedlings and prevent inverted insertion(square nursery pots). In order to improve the survival rate of cuttings, the methods of promoting rooting should be carried out before or during underpinning. The main methods of promoting rooting are water immersion, growth regulator and hotbed(seed starter trays). The length of stable rooting varies with tree species and environmental conditions.(best thermoformed pots manufacturers canada)

Plant growth regulators can be used to promote the rooting of difficult tree species(gallon nursery pots). The commonly used growth regulators in production are: at rooting powder, NAA, LAA, IBA, etc. Generally, the base length of arbor species is 15-20cm, and that of shrub species is 10-15cm. When the incision is inserted stably, the upper incision is mostly flat, and the lower incision is mostly inclined(black plastic plant pots), so as to increase its contact surface with the soil.

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