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Big Plastic Garden Pots Wholesale Price USA

Rubber trees like a fertile growth environment(large plastic plant pots for trees). The more nutrients they have, the more vigorous they will grow. But even if it is, we should avoid excessive fertilization and high concentration of liquid fertilizer when we fertilize it, because too strong fertility is easy to cause the phenomenon of plants growing in vain, which seriously reduces the ornamental value of potted plants(72 cell plant trays bulk). So, how to fertilize potted rubber trees?

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Although rubber tree likes fertilizer(one gallon plant pots), it is not suitable to apply fertilizer with high nitrogen content, because high nitrogen content is easy to cause excessive length of branches and leaves, and the distance between branches and leaves will increase, which seriously affects the beauty of plant shape. In addition to nitrogen fertilizer, we can apply appropriate amount of potassium or organic fertilizer(200 cell plug trays supplier). The fertilization of potted rubber trees can start from the growth period of young plants.

(big plastic garden pots wholesale price usa)However, first of all, let's take a look at what should be avoided when potted rubber trees choose fertilization(vegetable growing trays). Generally, they will not burn their roots because of too much fertilization or topdressing, as most other plants do. At the same time, we need to pay attention to the fact that rubber trees are fond of water and fertilizer, so they generally grow faster(105 cell plant trays bulk). It is recommended to mix 10 times mature liquid fertilizer with 500 times potassium dihydrogen phosphate. 

In order to keep their good growth, we should supplement the nutrients needed for their growth in time(teku pots). As we all know, nitrogen fertilizer can promote plant growth. A small amount of nitrogen fertilizer with low concentration can be applied to the plant. As long as the nitrogen fertilizer is not excessive(200 cell plant trays bulk), the phenomenon of excessive growth will not occur generally, and the topdressing can be carried out 2-3 times a month.(big plastic garden pots wholesale price usa)

If your potted plant is one of those tree species with color stripes(grass growing trays), because its growth is relatively slow, even if we apply fertilizer, we should reduce the frequency of fertilization. However, in order to keep the color of leaf stripes bright, we can apply appropriate amount of P and K fertilizer(128 cell plant trays bulk). If the fertilization is too much and the nutrients are too single, especially the nitrogen fertilizer, the original bright spots on the leaves will appear dark color, or even disappear.

(big plastic garden pots wholesale price usa)However, it is not allowed to add potassium dihydrogen phosphate diluent every time of topdressing, and the whole growth process can only be applied once(wholesale plastic garden pots). If you can't squeeze the amount of fertilizer, we can also apply some thin general fertilizer for flowers and plants, such as "huaduoduo"(32 cell plant trays bulk). As long as the concentration is thin enough, 1000 times of the recommended concentration is suitable, and it can be applied twice in the growing season.

So how to fertilize potted rubber trees? In fact, as long as the above does not take in nitrogen fertilizer(1 gallon grow pots), generally there will be no overgrowth. Even if we need to control the height of the rubber plant, we can do it by fertilization. Liquid fertilizer mixture can also be applied once every two months in the growing season(162 cell plug trays supplier). In this way, it can achieve the effect of inhibiting the plant to continue to grow, and can promote the plant to maintain a good growth.(big plastic garden pots wholesale price usa)

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