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Black 15 Gallon Plastic Container Wholesale

In the rainy days(bulk 2 gallon containers), it is necessary to do the drainage and flood prevention work in time to avoid the rotten roots caused by the accumulation of water in the basin. The fertilizer directly burns the roots of the plants, which also seriously threatens the survival of potted lavender. For the fertilization of lavender, in addition to the upper pot can be put some bone powder as the base fertilizer, usually after the plant can be applied to the compound fertilizer with higher phosphorus content(plastic nursery pots), but the topdressing is also the "thin fertilizer" in principle.

(black 15 gallon plastic container wholesale)Even if the water is poured into the basin(1 gallon plant pots distributor), it is mainly caused by excessive fertilization or high concentration, which is very suitable for cultivation as a family pot. Long-day sunshine can promote the growth and development of fragrance and the formation of aroma. Therefore, in the process of conservation management, the environment should not be too shaded, and it is suitable for changing basins every year(plastic nursery pots wholesale). How does lavender change pots? When lavender seedlings grow to about 10 cm, we can choose transplanting and planting.

Below, and in order to keep the lavender always good, to achieve regular and regular bloom(3 gallon nursery container wholesale price), it is necessary to change the basin once a year. Therefore, before changing the basin, we need to prepare in advance and prepare all the materials that may be needed. For example, lavender potted plants, pots, pots, shovel, scissors, watering tools, even fertilizers used as base fertilizers in the upper basin(black plastic nursery pots), such as nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer.

(black 15 gallon plastic container wholesale)Next, pour about one-third of the height of the potted soil into the pots of moderate size(bulk 1.5 gallon pots) . The potting soil is mixed with the mixed soil and coconut fiber in a ratio of 2:1. Then sprinkle with less blood and nitrogen phosphorus particles, about 5 grams each. Finally, pour a layer of potting until it reaches half the height of the pot. The old soil adhered to the roots is then gently smashed(plug trays wholesale), and the roots that are originally entangled are straightened out, allowing them to stretch freely.

In doing so, it is mainly to make it easier to extract nutrients in the new pots(24 cell trays bulk), thus ensuring that the plants maintain a good growth. Place the finished lavender in a new pot filled with half pots of soil, then add the potting soil until all the roots are covered, and keep the height of the basin about 3-4 cm(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). This can facilitate post-watering and fertilization without overflowing from the basin, resulting in waste of resources.(black 15 gallon plastic container wholesale)

Then, after the basin is changed, the potted plants are placed in a cool and ventilated place to slow down the seedlings(2 gallon plant pots distributor), and then the normal maintenance management is resumed after the pots are served. When the plants grow too high, they should be topped in time to make the lavender grow more lush and the plant shape is more full. However, when it comes to flowering, we need to timely cut the side buds to avoid excessive growth and excessive consumption of nutrients(wholesale nursery pots), affecting flowering, and also ensure that the top buds grow better.

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