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Black 15 Gallon Plastic Flower Pots Wholesale

In the late stage of edible mushroom production, Jinhu is a kind of prickly pear, and it has just grown out(plastic terracotta pots). The mini Jinhu only has a large finger, and it also has a golden sap that is half a meter in diameter. It is a very long life. The cactus, we raise a pot of Jinhu Xianren at home, if it is good(5 gallon pot), can be raised for four or five years, last ten years, or even more than ten years, from an egg size, can be raised to the washbasin is no problem.

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And they are quite personal, can put a basin on the balcony(nursery plant pots), can also be placed indoors to purify the air, or on the desk, the computer desk, are pretty good. Because it does not require high fertilizers, the soil requirements are not high, but the requirements for watering are high. How long does it take for the Jinhuxian ball to be poured(7 gallon nursery pots bulk)? Sometimes it is necessary to pour more, sometimes it is less poured, the basin is large, and it is raised for many years.

In order to make the sphere grow up quickly and expand, it is necessary to water it in real time(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). It is a very drought-tolerant flower, but it also needs water. Otherwise, the color of the sphere will become dull, and even the prickly pear will shrink, and the soil will dry. It is necessary to pour water, and it is necessary to water the water when it is dry(bulk 10 gallon pots). Generally, water is poured once every three or four days. It is important to look at the potting soil to decide.

(black 15 gallon plastic flower pots wholesale)Pay special attention to watering in summer(plastic plant trays wholesale). When the potting soil is dry, it will be watered. The indoor watering is less, and the outdoor pouring is more. a little. Watering is a particularly important thing to raise the Golden Sapphire Ball. How does the fairy ball Jin Hu water(bulk 1 gallon pots)? Do 1 pair, as big as the "wash basin", one is 20 years!

It is also dormant when it is hot in summer. Therefore, it is possible to wet the surface of the potting soil(square plastic pots). Watering should be watered on the day and night. , or a large number of frequent watering, otherwise it is easy to rotten roots and even black rot. The same is true for watering in winter. Usually raise gold, in addition to summer, it is necessary to adhere to sufficient light, although not a sun can survive a month(bulk 2 gallon pots), but the growth is relatively slow, the state will not be too good.(black 15 gallon plastic flower pots wholesale)

Don't think that it should be watered in summer(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). In particular, the Jinhu Xianren ball should be more sun-baked, but at noon in summer, the best temperature is to shade it, so as not to expose the sun, even though the prickly pears are exposed to ugly freckles, placed in a cool astigmatism, so that its The color will look green and beautiful. In winter, the temperature is low, and it is almost impossible to water it(bulk 20 gallon pots). It can be placed in a warm sunny position. 

(black 15 gallon plastic flower pots wholesale)In the spring and autumn development period, you can give a little concentrated organic fertilizer(seedling trays wholesale), or give a few cooked soybeans, or a little cake of fertilizer, you must give a small amount of fertilizer. Usually, it is not necessary to apply fertilizer. The potting soil must be fertile sandy soil(injection molded nursery pots), that is, it is necessary to participate in some river sand or cinder, or to enter the granules to prevent the water from smashing after the potting.

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