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Black 2 Gal Plastic Flower Pots Wholesale

In severe cases, the lower leaves are all dead, which can damage the leaves, stems and fruits(21 cell trays bulk). The control method should be carried out in a 3-5 year rotation of non-solanth crops. Choosing resistant varieties will help prevent the occurrence of diseases. Seed disinfection: soak seeds with 55-60 ° C warm soup for 30 minutes, or soak seeds with 0.1% copper sulfate solution for 5 minutes(32 cell trays bulk), remove them, dip them into lime water, dip them with water, and then sow them.(black 2 gal plastic flower pots wholesale)

Strengthen field management(black plastic nursery pots), avoid low-water accumulation in the field, apply more phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, and improve the disease resistance of plants. At the time of onset, dark green water-immersed irregular lesions appear from the tip or leaf edge of the lower part of the plant(50 cell trays bulk). Control methods: 1 It is necessary to carry out 3 to 5 years of rotation in non-solanaceae. 2 Choose resistant varieties. 3 Soak seeds in a warm soup at 55-60 ° C for 30 minutes.

Reduce field humidity. Gradually spread upwards(wholesale nursery grow bags). At the beginning, dark green, water-soaked lesions appear in the umbilicus of the fruit, and then become dark brown or black. Choosing umbilical rot is a physiological disease. It gradually becomes brown, and when the humidity is high, there is a white mold on the back of the leaf(72 cell trays bulk). The leaves gradually curl from the bottom to the top, and the plants are yellow-brown and dry.(black 2 gal plastic flower pots wholesale)

Chemical control: Spray with the following drugs: 64% antivirus 400-500 times solution(plastic nursery pots wholesale), 40% nail cream copper 700-800 times solution, 40% ethyl phosphate aluminum 200 times solution, 1:1:150-200 Bordeaux solution, 50 % chlorothalonil 200 times solution. Use less irrigation and irrigation to maintain the relative stability of the soil moisture. Rational fertilization to ensure the robust growth of plants(98 cell trays bulk). Chemical control: 70% methyl thiophanate 800-1000 times liquid.

Strengthen field management, adopt mulch cultivation(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), timely pruning, remove old leaves and diseased fruits, and avoid water rushing on the back of the ridge. Harm the leaves, and in severe cases, damage the stems and fruits. When the leaves are infected, irregular or elliptical pale yellow chlorotic spots appear on the leaves(105 cell trays bulk), and the white fungus layer on the back of the leaves turns into a gray-brown or dark-brown wool-like shape.(black 2 gal plastic flower pots wholesale)

It only occurs on the fruit, the land with high topography, timely drainage, a few harmful leaves, and there are water-soaked chlorotic spots on the onset(plastic nursery pots). Control method: It is necessary to carry out 3 to 5 years of rotation in non-solanaceae crops. Control method: It is necessary to carry out 3 to 5 years of rotation in non-solanaceae crops. Use resistant varieties(128 cell trays bulk). Soak seeds in warm water at 55 ° C for 30 minutes before sowing and then dry and sow.

(black 2 gal plastic flower pots wholesale)Control method: At the initial flowering stage, 0.1% calcium chloride or 1% calcium perphosphate filter or amino acid calcium or calcium humate is sprayed on the foliar surface every 7-10 days(nursery trays), and sprayed 2-3 times. Harmful to immature fruit, there is a little white mold, and then gradually form concentric striate spots, gradually dark brown, flesh also brown, when the humidity is large, the disease minister white mildew(162 cell trays bulk), the disease fruit does not soften, easy to fall off.

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