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In other periods, the topdressing is carried out in the form of “thin fertilization”, which is carried out once a week(wholesale plant pots). Scientific and rational fertilization will ensure that the potted jasmine remains vibrant, the leaves are bright green and the flowers are fragrant. Then, what kind of fertilizer is the potted jasmine flower? Because the spring, summer and autumn seasons are the strong growing season of potted jasmine(15cm plant pots), as long as the management is successful, the three seasons can let it bloom, thus achieving the purpose of prolonging the flowering period.

(black 2 gallon plastic container wholesale)Since the fertilization of potted jasmine flowers can be divided into spring, summer and autumn(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), respectively, after entering the winter season, the fertilization methods and fertilizers used in different seasons are not the same, and we need to be cautious. Spring is the growth period for most plants, especially for potted jasmine(19cm plant pots). In the spring season, it is recommended that you apply 2 times of thin sputum fertilizer water, which can effectively prevent the soil from turning alkaline, leading to yellow leaves and fallen leaves.

At this time, after entering the summer, the temperature became gradually higher and even became very bad(seedling trays wholesale). Potted jasmine needs to be cautious in the management of water and fertilizer in high temperature and high temperature environment. In the summer, it is advisable to apply less fertilizer and water more to ensure its safety(16cm plant pots). After flowering in summer, you can follow the bean cake, sesame sauce or horseshoe slices, horns and other soaked fertilized water, simmering fertilizer, fat tablets or top dressing.

(black 2 gallon plastic container wholesale)Therefore, as the weather turns cold, the fertilization of potted jasmine should also be adjusted(black plastic nursery pots). Usually, the potted jasmine is moved into the room to keep warm before the plant is warmed. At the same time, it is necessary to apply 2-4 times of fertilizer according to the dry and wet conditions of the soil(20cm plastic plant pots). The process of topdressing jasmine in potted plants is relatively cumbersome and troublesome, but in order to raise it and achieve the purpose of prolonging the flowering period, it is recommended to properly apply top dressing after the flowering.

It is advisable to spray 2-3 low-concentration potassium dihydrogen phosphate dilutions to fertilize the potted jasmine flowers(plastic nursery pots wholesale), usually in the late spring and early autumn, and the above-mentioned flowers can be properly chased several times before and after the flower opening. For liquid fertilizer, a small amount of thin fertilizer can be applied first. After one week, the NPK compound fertilizer dilution solution can be applied again(plastic plant pots), and an appropriate amount of potassium dihydrogen phosphate dilution solution is sprayed at the same time, so that the purpose of promoting plant differentiation of flower buds can be achieved.

(black 2 gallon plastic container wholesale)Be sure to prepare enough nutrients for it to smoothly carry out the flowering(five gallon plant pot). However, jasmine can achieve three flowerings a year, but the fertilization methods at different flowering stages are not the same. Below, Xiaobian will share with you how the jasmine flowers of different flowering seasons are fertilized(23cm plant pots). Although jasmine blossoms are not as glamorous as peony, they can bloom their own pure beauty; although the floral scent is not as refreshing as white orchids, it is also pleasant and pleasant.

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