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Black 3 Gal Plastic Nursery Pots For Sale

In summer, generally because the sun is very strong, the greenhouse should be properly shaded to avoid the burning of the dragon fruit branches by glare(18 cell trays bulk). The market price is also relatively high. Many friends in the northern countryside are interested in planting dragon fruit in the greenhouse, but they are worried that it is difficult to manage. The dragon fruit looks like other cactus flowers, and the insulation effect is better(128 cell seedling start trays). A roller blind machine should be installed on the shed.

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Practice has proved that the dragon fruit planted in March-May has the fastest development rate(wholesale nursery pots), and the number of branches is more in the same year, which is conducive to early flowering early results. In summer, although the adaptability of dragon fruit is relatively strong, after the branches are pumped, the main stem support capacity is insufficient, and the necessary support is needed to assist development(72 cell seed starting trays). The humidity in the shed is best kept between 60% and 70%.(black 3 gal plastic nursery pots for sale)

Therefore, it is conceivable that planting dragon fruit must be racked, and the most common methods are rack cultivation and column cultivation(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). For frame cultivation, PVC pipes, bamboo rafts, wood and other materials are used to form a "well" frame. The dragon fruit is planted under the shelf and grows on the shelf when grown up(104 cell trays bulk). In addition, the use of PVC pipe for the shelf is more durable, but the cost is higher; the use of bamboo rafts, wood as a shelf, low cost but not durable.

Planting dragon fruit in greenhouses in the north, considering the factors such as climate and temperature, it is most suitable for planting from March to May every year(cell trays). The fruit of dragon fruit is rich in nutrients and is popular among people. The cement column is buried according to the standard of 2 meters in row spacing and 1.5 meters in column spacing(51 cell trays bulk). The dragon fruit belongs to the flower of the cactus family, and it can be said that it is characterized by its resistance to thinness. 

(black 3 gal plastic nursery pots for sale)However, for column cultivation, a special cement column can be purchased(black plastic nursery pots). The top of the column has a special cement tray, and the dragon fruit grows up along the cement column. Cement columns are less expensive and more durable. In general, the dragon-shaped orchard, which adopts the column-type cultivation and takes into consideration the sightseeing picking function(40 cell tray in bulk), has to leave the space for tourists to pick up, and the planting density is absolutely small.

Therefore, the cement column is calculated according to the row spacing of 2 meters and the column spacing of 1.5 meters(plug trays). There are about 220 pillars per acre, and 4 dragon fruit seedlings are planted around each pillar, and about 880 trees can be planted per acre(40 cell trays bulk). If it is a pure plantation, if there is no tourist picking, it can be appropriately increased by using frame cultivation, and it is better to use no more than 1200 trees per mu.(black 3 gal plastic nursery pots for sale)

It is very adaptable to the soil and all the soil can develop(plastic nursery pots). The density of planting dragon fruit in greenhouses should be properly determined according to different climatic conditions and seedling varieties. To ensure adequate light and light intensity, dragon fruit is more resilient and can be planted all year round(36 cell trays bulk). In winter, the ground temperature is lowered, it is necessary to control the moisture and enhance the cold resistance of the branches.

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