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Black 3 Gallon Nursery Pots Wholesale Price

Yili River Valley is the hometown of lavender in China and one of the three major lavender planting bases in the world(16cm plant pots). When you cut the lavender stems, you can't cut them too much. You can see all the purple flowers and close your eyes. It's like going to Provence in France and walking into a dream world(plug trays wholesale). Wandering in the dreamy purple ocean, shrouded in the fragrant scent of lavender, the time is still, only the sound of the wind and the flowers in you.(black 3 gallon nursery pots wholesale price)

With the ups and downs of the terrain(20cm plant pots), the purple is extended, and it is felt that all things in the heavens and the earth are glowing with purple light. The lavender that blooms so beautiful is inseparable from the important part of pruning. The following is a small series of pruning methods for lavender collected for your reference: spring pruning branches and branches(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). If you live in a place with heavy winds and heavy snow in winter, your home lavender is likely to suffer some trauma in the winter.

(black 3 gallon nursery pots wholesale price)Pruning the cruel, decaying branches, so that the new branches can have enough space to thrive(5 gallons pots). Trimming long branches in autumn can also prevent lavender from becoming wood. Lavender grows sprouts every year, and the new shoots grow into flower stems, but the wooded parts will not grow new stems(plastic nursery pots). In addition, the large and thick woody branches are also easy to break or rot, so in the process of planting lavender, it is necessary to prevent its wood.

As you can see, reduce nutrient consumption, so that the spring shoots will grow in the coming spring(23cm plastic plant pots). When trimming, cut the branches 10-15 cm above the ground and cut them into cones with low circumference and high middle. Generally, it is better to combine the soil in the early winter or before freezing. Soil cultivation causes adventitious roots at the base of the stem, expands the range of absorption of water and nutrients(plastic nursery pots wholesale), facilitates drainage, reduces field density, reduces disease, and protects seedlings for safe wintering.

Trim to a distance of 2.5 cm from the branches(19cm plant pots). After the fall, the second wave of flowers has been opened. At this time, the lavender should be trimmed to a distance of 2.5 cm from the branches. In addition, strong winds may also break those fragile branches. Trimming is undoubtedly a necessary measure to help lavender survive the winter(black plastic nursery pots). Note: The newly planted lavender can't be pruned, at least until the next year when lavender grows.(black 3 gallon nursery pots wholesale price)

When the lavender blooms every year, the Ili Valley becomes a world of lavender(2.5 inch plant pots). Leave a little green on the branches, otherwise it will take a long time for the new branches to grow again, and your lavender will look uneven, and it may also result in a decrease in the number of flowers. Do not trim the lavender with a blunt pruning shear(wholesale plant pots). The cuts thus cut out will be very rough, which will eventually lead to unkempt and unattractive lavender.

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