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After hydrangea flowering, it is necessary to pay attention to the removal of the flower stems(plastic plant trays), and promote the production of new branches, which can keep the plant shape beautiful. Some hydrangea bloom on the one-year-old branches, and some hydrangea bloom on the new branches of the year(7 gallon plant pots). 

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(black 3 gallon plastic pots wholesale supplier)If the plant type is not neat, if the branches are cut off in autumn(plastic grow pots), winter or spring, they will not bloom or bloom very little in the summer. This group has only one flowering period, which is concentrated in mid-May to late June. In order to properly trim the hydrangea, you need to know which type of hydrangea it belongs to, its growth and flowering characteristics.

The flowering branches are old branches last year(1020 trays). The new branches do not bloom in the same year, such as “Blue Mother”, “You and Me Eternity”, “Magic Jade”, "Ravi Bran", "Mom Leaf", "Dream Blue", "Selma", etc. This group of hydrangea can only be trimmed after flowering(greenhouse pots). At the end of the flowering period, the flower heads are cut off at the two nodes below the spherical flower. 

The branches can be carefully combed together with the trimmed residual flowers, and the branches of the current year that are too tall or too long are cut(1 gallon nursery pots). The trimming of the current branches must be before August. Finished, the autumn cut will lead to hydrangea not blooming next year. Different hydrangea flowers have different flowering characteristics. 

(black 3 gallon plastic pots wholesale supplier)This group of hydrangea blooms on the new shoots of the year. Flower buds are formed in the first 1-2 months before flowering(wholesale greenhouse pots). The hydrangea counts on the branches formed in the previous year to emit long buds on the buds. But there is a shortcoming. If you don't cut it, there will be a lot of new shoots from the rhizosphere in the spring of the next year.

This group of hydrangea can be trimmed at any time after flowering until the second flower bud begins to form(plug trays). Unless it is of other varieties, the flower buds are born in the branches of the year. The hydrangea can be divided into two groups depending on the flowering branches and the trimming. After the thin branches are cut off, they can be trimmed according to this method after flowering every year.

New branches can also bloom in the same year(seed starter trays), and the flowering period can stretch the whole summer, such as “Endless Summer” and “Endless Summer Bride”. For the hydrangea trimming many flower friends have a need to understand, this article is a flower friend to collect and sort out some of the main points about hydrangea pruning, if the flower friends can see through each one, it is very helpful for pruning(5 gallon plant pot). 

(black 3 gallon plastic pots wholesale supplier)It will bloom in the summer of the next year, but it is not the top of the roots that will have flower buds(square nursery pots). The whole pot will appear messy. The flower buds of the hydrangea are born at the top of the branches. The top buds cannot be destroyed whether they are trimmed or not(seed trays). If you cut the spring, you won't bloom.

The branches that are bent and deformed can be left in three sections(black plastic plant pots). If they are not flowered, they will not be cut. It will grow very high very quickly. If you think which branches are too long, You can also cut in half, adjust the distribution of the branches reasonably, and finally trim the hydrangea into a large flower ball(15 gallon nursery pots). Do not trim the spring.

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