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Black 5 Gallon Plastic Container Wholesale

Seedlings like light, high temperature, temperature can be controlled at 20-30 °C best(23cm plant pots). When the seed grows the first true leaf from the coleoptile, the plant begins to develop itself. The seedlings start to be divided into pots about 3 months after sowing, and the basins should be batched in time, when the first leaves grow about 1 cm(15 gallon plant pots). 

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(black 5 gallon plastic container wholesale)Properly pull apart the spacing, then carefully insert the fleshy roots of the seedlings(2.5inch square nursery pots), and then press the soil, but note that the front of each leaf must be oriented in one direction to facilitate daylighting. When Cheng Linglan draws arrows, he should maintain proper temperature and temperature difference and sufficient water to prevent the occurrence of pinching.

The seedlings of Clivia are the seedlings of the annual growth period, usually with about 6 leaves. At this time, the characteristics of the maintenance management are that the multiple seedlings are cultivated in a basin, usually with 4 inches (13 cm) of flowers(2 gallon plant pots). After more than two years of growth, that is, entering the stage of reproductive growth, the result can be flowered, that is, Cheng Linglan. 

Directly affect plant growth and development(black 5 gallon plastic container wholesale). The temperature of the seedlings should be around 20 °C(3.5inch square nursery pots), pay attention to lighting and ventilation. The number of roots in the seedling stage is basically the same as the number of leaves. In summer, the temperature is high and the seedlings are planted with smaller pots and are easy to dry. Pots, depending on the size of the place, can be planted 1-3.

Therefore, when the seedlings are particularly hot, they should be poured in the morning and evening to maintain the humidity of the soil(planting trays). After the seedlings are divided into pots, they can be fertilized, and the concentration of fertilization should be low, usually once every half month, and the increase of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer application(black 5 gallon plastic container wholesale).

At this time, the management is the main period of Clivia(4.5inch square nursery pots), and it has higher requirements on soil, water, temperature, light and fertilizer. In the spring and autumn, the two-year-old students need to change the nutrient soil once, and replace the larger flower pots, generally using 5 inch-6 inch pots (16-20 cm). The correct location is buried between the rhizome and the pseudobulb. 

When changing soil, first fill 1/5 thick nutrient soil in the pot, hold the roots of the plant by hand and fill the roots of the roots(10 gallon plant pots). Don't let the soil fall out and put it in the pot(black 5 gallon plastic container wholesale). That is, the best basin height, the new leaves that have just grown and the seedlings that do not grow new leaves are to be raised to a certain height, and then the second basin is used.

Filled with soil compaction around, the plant position is placed in the middle position, that is(4.5inch deep square pots), do not expose the roots and do not bury too deep. After entering the reproductive growth period(wholesale plant pots), a large supply of nutrients is required. It not only needs to grow and develop, but also has to go up and flower, and the result.(black 5 gallon plastic container wholesale)

If the malnutrition is poor, the plant is weak(1 gallon nursery pots), the flowering period is delayed, and the fruit is less. In order to make the sturdy growth of Clivia, the management must be strengthened, especially the supply of fertilizers, the regular application of potassium fertilizer. In order to ensure that the plants bloom on time, the flowers are bright and the fruit setting rate is high(plastic nursery pots). 

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