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The cherry blossoms are bright and colorful, and the foliage is flourishing(flat plastic tray). It is an important flowering tree species in early spring and is often used for garden viewing. Planted in groups, it can also be planted on hillsides, courtyards, roadsides, and buildings. In full bloom, the flowers are beautiful and full of trees, like clouds and clouds, extremely spectacular. It can be planted in large areas to create a "flower sea" landscape(plug trays). It can be formed in three or five clusters to form a golden group in the green space, or it can be planted alone to form a painting of "a little red in the green forest."

(black cheap plastic gallon pots manufacturer)Cherry blossoms can also be used as small road trees, hedges or bonsai(plastic grow pots). There are two kinds of quick production methods: directly in the upper basin to enjoy the small, compact and beautifully shaped cherry tree in the depression, and enjoy it directly in the basin. For example, 'dwarf branches', the trees are beautiful and unique, and can be viewed after a little potting on the upper basin; 'Yuqiui', 'Songyue', etc(gallon plant pot). The tree shape is small and compact, the flower is beautiful, the color is bright, and it can also be directly on the basin. enjoy.

The cherry blossom trees that have been transformed into cherry blossom bonsai for transformation into bonsai have three sources: the sakura tree that grows weak in the garden(greenhouse supplies pots), and its cadres are mostly vigorous and sturdy, making it the top grade for making cherry blossom bonsai. The tree shape is poor and it is not suitable for the cherry blossom trees arranged in the garden. Cherry trees with dead trunks but still surviving roots and necks can also be used to make cherry blossom bonsai(propagation tray). We use a high-replacement method to transform.

(black cheap plastic gallon pots manufacturer)The cherry tree is shaped and then changed, and the shaping is generally carried out by combining trimming and ligating(seed starter trays). The high-end exchange of cherry blossoms is usually carried out before the early spring cherry blossoms (generally in the middle and late March), and the specific time is based on the phenology of the year. The scion can also be cut and refrigerated in the refrigerator, and then grafted when the rootstock is germinated, and the survival rate is also high(black plastic plant pots). The cherry blossoms use the cutting method to make high-replacement, and the technical essentials to pay attention to.

A long bevel can be cut at a distance of 1 cm from the scion, and the length is about 2-3 cm(wholesale greenhouse pots), and a short side is cut on the opposite side of the long face. The scion is cut into small pieces with 2 to 4 buds and 5-6 cm long. Select the branch with the thickness of the scion as the rootstock on the cherry tree to be transformed, hold the rootstock in the left hand(cell trays), and cut the root of the root of the root of the rootstock (1/4 to 1/3 of the rootstock section), the length of the rootstock incision The width corresponds to the long side of the scion.(black cheap plastic gallon pots manufacturer)

The scion is inserted obliquely to the rootstock and the formation layers on one side are aligned(square nursery pots), and the skin of the rootstock incision is wrapped over the scion. The plastic film strips (with a certain elasticity) of about 1 cm in width are used for tying, and the film strips must be tightened when tying. After being connected, the grafted seedling roots are covered with a white transparent small plastic cover bag, and the mouth is tied with a packaging rope, which can play a moisturizing effect(gallon nursery pots). The small plastic cover bag has a size of about 12 cm x 8 cm.

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