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Black Fabric Planter Bag Manufacturer Australia

The potato ladybug and the eggplant are harmful(square nursery pots). The seed is treated with a concentration of 200 mg/kg, and after soaking for 3 hours, it is washed and germinated to prevent the bacterial disease of the eggplant. Generally, 800 million live spores/gram of wettable powder 80~12 times solution, or 2 billion live spores/gram of wettable powder 200-300 times solution are used(11.43cm square nursery pots), and each plant needs 150-250 ml of filling liquid.(black fabric planter bag manufacturer australia)

When controlling eggplant bacterial wilt(black plastic plant pots), the roots should be rooted from the early stage of the disease, and it needs to be re-irrigated 10 to 15 days later. Using the yellowing effect of aphids and whitefly, set yellow oil in the field or hang yellow sticky strips in the greenhouse vents to trap aphids and greenhouse whitefly(11.43cm square grow pots). The silver-gray reflective film has a repellent effect on the mites, and a silver plastic hanging strip with a width of 10-15 cm is suspended around the protective bundle.

(black fabric planter bag manufacturer australia)Covering the insect net with vents in greenhouses and greenhouses can reduce the spread of pests and insects(gallon nursery pots). Black light can be used to trap and kill sugar, wine, vinegar, the latter is to use sugar 6 parts, 1 part of wine, 3 parts of vinegar, 10 parts of water(flat plastic tray), and add 90% trichlorfon 1 part evenly mixed to make sugar wine vinegar trap The liquid is filled with pots and placed in the field in the evening, 1 meter above the ground.

In order to cut the length of 33.3 centimeters(cell trays), each bundle is tied into a bundle, tied to the bamboo pole, inserted in the field, 20 bundles per acre, so that the leaf bundles close to the planting can attract a large number of moths hidden in the leaves, in the early morning Check, use the insect net to sneak behind, capture the kill or use the black light to lure the moth(plastic grow pots). Soaking seeds with 0.1% solution for 5 minutes can prevent seed-borne eggplant wilting.

It can be used to control egg white powdery mildew and mites by spraying with 0.2-0.5 Baume solution(gallon plant pot). The next morning, it is retracted or capped to prevent the trapping liquid from evaporating. After the seedling is fixed, the hole should be sealed tightly. The root water can be mixed with a small amount of thin manure(greenhouse supplies pots). A small amount of potato can be planted near the eggplant field, and the ladybug can be transferred to the potato and then concentrated.(black fabric planter bag manufacturer australia)

Reduce 400-500 times of liquid, in the initial incidence, 0.3 ~ 0.5 liters of liquid per plant, can prevent eggplant bacterial wilt(plug trays). To prevent and treat viral diseases, spray with 800 times potassium permanganate solution. The day before planting, water should be poured on the seedbed. The depth of planting should be flush with the cotyledon of the seedling(wholesale greenhouse pots). If it is planted on the mulch, the hole should be as small as possible.(black fabric planter bag manufacturer australia)

After planting(propagation tray), the grass is planted at the base of the stem: in the early stage of the disease, the cotton bollworm can be selected in the field with a silver-gray plastic film for the cultivation of the mulch in the field. 1:1:200 liquid, can prevent eggplant brown streak disease, cotton blight, and brown spot disease(seed starter trays). With 77% wettable powder 400-500 times liquid, eggplant disease fence, fruit rot, soft rot, bacterial brown spot disease can be controlled.

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