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Black Five Gallon Plastic Plant Growing Containers

Sunflower seeds are very common in our lives(square nursery pots). They can be used as oil and can be used directly. So how do we fertilize the sunflower? The following small series introduces you to the following points: the application of chemical fertilizer mainly with organic fertilizer(seed starter trays). Combined with the application of the base fertilizer in autumn, it is more conducive to fattening than the application of spring when turning over the ground, and can increase the emergence rate.

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Therefore, the Mara farmer works, put the fertilizer in the ditch, and then ridge(black plastic plant pots). Organic fertilizer 1000-2000 kg per mu, chemical fertilizer, nitrogen 5-8 kg, phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) 4-5 kg, potash fertilizer can be mastered according to the soil potassium content obtained from soil testing, to achieve normal standards can be used without Potassium(wholesale greenhouse pots), which does not meet the normal standards, can be applied with 3-4 kg of potassium sulfate per acre.(black five gallon plastic plant growing containers)

Apply organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer to the seed 2-3 cm in combination with sowing, or apply 2-3 cm next to the seed(gallon nursery pots). The fertilizer applied after the emergence of sunflower is called top dressing. Sunflower is a kind of crop that needs more fertilizer. It can not fully meet the needs of sunflower vegetative growth and reproductive growth and then nutrient(greenhouse supplies pots). Especially for summer sowing sunflowers, top dressing is more important in the case of insufficient or no base fertilizer.

The fertilization method, combined with the mechanical operation, is carried out by spreading, and then ploughing(cell trays). The application of fertilizer is mainly phosphorus, which achieves the purpose of strong seedlings. At the same time, in production, it is often combined with field management measures(plastic grow pots). The depth of fertilization depends on the type of topdressing and soil moisture. In the late stage of topdressing, combined with the last cultivating, the fertilizer can be applied to the row, and the depth of ploughing is still 8 to 10 cm. 

(black five gallon plastic plant growing containers)Fertilization period and method(gallon plant pot). For example, ammonium bicarbonate or ordinary calcium phosphate plus a small amount of urea can be used as a seed fertilizer. The top dressing is mainly based on nitrogen fertilizer, with a certain amount of potash. The number and duration of sunflower topdressing are mainly based on the factors such as fertilizer demand(flat plastic tray), soil fertility, climatic conditions, and the amount of base fertilizer and fertilizer used in the different growth stages.

In addition(plug trays), the period from the bud to the flowering of sunflower is the vigorous production stage of vegetative growth and reproductive growth at the same time, which requires more nutrients and concentration, so the topdressing should be arranged before this period. Fertilizers such as ammonium bicarbonate and ammonia should be applied in depth(2 gallon nursery container wholesale price). When dry soil is dry, it should be applied deep, so that the fertilizer can be in contact with the wet soil, and it is easy to exert fertilizer effect in time.

In general, when topdressing(propagation tray), it is necessary to pay attention to the depth and apply it to the wet soil layer, but do not damage the root system of the plant due to deep application, but also pay attention to make the fertilizer not too close to the plant and burn root(cheap 7 gallon plant pots). Spraying 0.005% zinc, copper, manganese and molybdenum solution in the bud stage of the sunflower can increase the oil content of the seed, reduce the openness rate and increase the fullness of the seed.(black five gallon plastic plant growing containers)

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