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Black Gallon Nursery Pots Wholesale Price

The control of rice orchid pests and diseases(plug trays wholesale), Milan's diseases during the growth period are: stem rot, anthracnose; insect pests: white moth wax, aphids, red spiders, brown soft palate and other pests. The disease occurs on the stems of Milan plants. Most of the lesions reached a piece, and the plants died after one week around the stem(seed planting trays wholesale).

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(black gallon nursery pots wholesale price)It can occur all year round in the greenhouse, especially in the spring(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Control methods: timely clean up and burn down sick and dead plants. In the early stage of the disease, 0.5 to 1% Bordeaux mixture can be used to dry the plant. The blades generally do not fall off. In the later stages of death, black and gray sticks appear on the stem.

It can also be applied with 1 to 2 degrees of stone sulfur mixture or 70% of thiophanate 800 times solution, which has good control effect. The most common incidence occurred from June to October(104 cell plug trays supplier). Milan is prone to this disease in poorly ventilated areas and poor plant growth. If you have done a disinfection job before, you can also close it to prevent bacteria from entering. 

In the early stage of leaf disease, the lesions invaded from the tip of the leaf and the edge of the leaf(plastic nursery pots). After the disease, the tip of the leaf became brown, and the lesion reached one-half of the leaf surface, forming a semi-circular irregular gray-brown lesion. At the beginning of the disease, it is a small black spot, which is streaked and dark brown after expansion. The disease is a major disease in Milan.

Prevention and treatment methods: The diseased leaves or diseased petiole should be removed in time; the ventilation and light transmission conditions should be improved(72 cell seed trays wholesale). It can also be sprayed with a potassium permanganate solution of 1000 to 1200 times. The ash mites harm Milan because its adults and larvae suck juice on shoots and shoots, affecting plant growth.

(black gallon nursery pots wholesale price)The heavy ones are dry and their excrement can also cause coal pollution(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). In the case of adult and larval damage, it can be sprayed with 90% of the trichlorfon 1000 times solution (or 50% phosphorus amine emulsifiable oil 1000 times solution), and the effect is better. During the germination period of fleshy seeds, the demand for light is not large.

40% of the dimethoate is sprayed against 1000 to 1500 times of water. The above is an introduction to the prevention and control of flower and insect pests in Milan(40 cell plug trays supplier). Water should be poured after insertion. When the new root length is 2 cm to 3 cm, the upper pot can be transplanted at the right time. Can not be placed directly in the sun, direct light will cause damage to the shoots, causing it to wither.

In high temperature and sunny weather, you can pour water once a day in the morning and evening(wholesale nursery pots). If there is water shortage, the leaves will turn yellow or even fall off. In case of showers, water should be poured into the side basin after the rain to prevent rotten roots. However, in order to ensure the growth of the new shoots, it should be placed in a place with astigmatism after sowing(18 cell plug trays supplier).

(black gallon nursery pots wholesale price)The disease should be placed in a well-ventilated place after sowing(black plastic nursery pots), but to avoid the impact of windy weather. Generally cultivated indoors, as long as it is not a small sealed environment, there is no problem. It is important to keep the fleshy seeds germinated quickly and maintain a suitable temperature(20 cell plug trays supplier). Generally controlled at around 18 ° C, this can accelerate rooting.

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