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Black Greenhouse 1 Gallon Fabric Grow Bags

Autumn lettuce is generally grown in September-October(greenhouse supplies pots), but the specific planting time needs to be based on local climatic conditions, variety characteristics, facility conditions and annual planting mouthwash arrangements, and can be formulated as suitable lettuce. Planting time, the lettuce produced in this way 40 to 50 days when the seedlings have 5 to 6 true leaves(gallon nursery pots), and after the next spring, there is sufficient time to grow the leaves, and the harvest can be high in 4 to 5 months.(black greenhouse 1 gallon fabric grow bags)

The suitable temperature period for the growth of stems and leaves of autumn lettuce is within 60 days after the average temperature drops to 21 °C(wholesale greenhouse pots), so the seedling period is arranged in the same period. The temperature in the previous month when the temperature drops to 21-22 °C is safer, and the sowing date is too late. Although it can avoid unripe bolting, the yield is low, and it is susceptible to freezing damage in the later stage(cell trays). The seedling age is about 25 days, and the longest is no more than 30 days. 

When is the autumn lettuce planted? How to produce high yield(flat plastic tray)? However, the common pointed bamboo shoots are relatively late and the seedling stage is more resistant to heat. After 2 to 3 days, the germination can be sown by 60%. Store in a refrigerator at 0 to 4 ° C for 4 to 5 hours, and see light germination at a temperature of 15 to 16 ° C(gallon plant pot). At the same time, the appropriate amount of potassium fertilizer is added at the last time, which can promote the stem hypertrophy.

(black greenhouse 1 gallon fabric grow bags)Due to the short growing season, winter can be safely wintered(seed starter trays). The lettuce seeds are germinated at a temperature of 15-20 °C. The temperature of the garden is high during summer sowing, and the seeds are difficult to germinate. Low temperature treatment is required before sowing. The method comprises the following steps: soaking in cold water for 5 to 6 hours, taking out the filtered water to remove the light(plug trays), and placing the light at the temperature of 15 to 16 ° C for germination.

The soaked seeds are placed in a bag, suspended on the surface of the deep well, and sown after 2 to 3 days of exposure(square nursery pots). Or choose a seed dressing seed dressing, choose rust rust, Fumei double, or chlorhexidine coating seed dressing. Seeds can be sown in nutrient bowls or on seedbeds. After sowing, elevated shades or hanging shade nets should be set up(plant start trays wholesale). Seedlings should not be too dense to prevent lengthening. It is advisable to use a fertile surface soil and a strong water-holding block.

It takes about 3 months for the autumn lettuce to be harvested from harvesting to harvesting(plastic grow pots). Strict selection of seedlings, elimination of long seedlings, density of 20 ~ 26 cm square is appropriate, rooting water after planting, pouring a rehydration in the drought to ensure survival, in order to prevent immature bolting, fertilizer and water supply should be sufficient(200 cell seed starter trays), especially Nitrogen fertilizer is used to accelerate the occurrence of leaves and enlarge the leaf area.(black greenhouse 1 gallon fabric grow bags)

Generally, after the slow seedling(black plastic plant pots), the sapling stage, and the stem begin to expand, each of the quick-acting nitrogen fertilizers is applied. It is generally suitable to plant in the late July to early August. Due to simple planting, low investment cost and close price to people, the lettuce has a high temperature and long sunshine of 22-24 °C, and it is rapidly bud differentiation(propagation tray). Next, it is necessary to choose mid-late maturing varieties that are slower to reflect high-temperature long-day sunshine.

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