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Black Greenhouse Pots Wholesale Suppliers South Korea

Nowadays, it has entered the autumn, and everything has gradually awakened from the slumber(20 cell seed starting trays). For those who like potted plants, it is a busy season, because spring is both the season of sowing and the season for basin change. The same is true for potted aloe vera. If you have made the leaves of your own aloe vera already covered with pots and there is not enough room to stretch, then it is time to consider changing the basin(plastic nursery pots). For everyone to illustrate the aloe vera change method, talk a few steps, relatively simple.(black greenhouse pots wholesale supplier)

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However(40 cell seed starting trays), some friends have encountered new problems: Do you want to water the aloe vera that has just been replaced? Everyone knows that many bonsai trees, especially the downhill piles, need to be watered in time after the new basin. Aloe vera is an ordinary Will flower plants need to be watered in time after changing pots like bonsai trees? In fact, this is a difference between ordinary potted flower plants and bonsai trees(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The former is usually not suitable for watering immediately after changing the basin, especially the aloe vera plant with thick stems and leaves.

(black greenhouse pots wholesale suppliers south korea)Aloe vera itself has relatively thick stems and leaves(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price), which save a lot of nutrients and water. Sometimes when we break a leaf, we can often see a lot of juice oozing out. Just after changing the pot of aloe vera, even if it is not watered, the original nutrients and water stored in the stems and leaves can be maintained for a certain period of time, and the plants that have just been replaced have a process of slowing down the seedlings(black plastic nursery pots), serving the pots, and adapting to the new environment. Growth tends to be relatively slow, just like a man with a general illness and is relatively fragile.

If there is too much watering at this time, and the root system of the plant has not yet returned to normal extraction capacity(104 cell seed starting trays), it will inevitably cause the basin soil to be too wet or water in the basin, thus inhibiting the normal breathing of the root system and even causing rooting. Moreover, in the process of the upper pot, it is inevitable that a small amount of roots will be damaged(plug trays wholesale). If the soil is too moist, it is easy to breed pests and diseases, especially the invasion of germs, so that rotten roots may occur, which not only affects the plant's serving basin, but also affects the plant's return to normal. Growth activities.(black greenhouse pots wholesale suppliers south korea)

That will be able to survive, may not grow well, and there is a risk of death(105 cell seed starter trays). Therefore, after changing the pot, aloe vera generally does not need to be watered immediately. However, if the plant is found to be slightly withered due to lack of water, and the potting soil is too dry, we only need to spray some water to the plants and the surface basin(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). At the same time, it is recommended to place the plants in a semi-shade position to avoid direct sunlight and accelerate the evaporation of water, resulting in excessive consumption of water.

(black greenhouse pots wholesale suppliers south korea)After the plants are served, they are gradually allowed to receive light(105 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). If there is floor heating in the home, it is necessary to put it on a high place. If it is placed directly on the ground, the heat emitted by the heating will cause dryness. Although it is relatively warm to be placed indoors, it can not be ventilated. Plants are boring in the house all day, which increases the risk of pests and diseases(wholesale nursery pots). Therefore, at noon in the winter sunny days, it is necessary to open more windows, and the indoor air should be sufficiently circulated.

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