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Black Heavy Duty Nursery Pot Wholesale

Prickly pears are more resistant to drought, so watering is relatively less(40 cell seed starting trays). For the watering of the prickly pear, we have to decide according to the humidity of the soil in the plastic pot. It is not possible to measure the number of watering in terms of time. For the watering of the prickly pear, we follow the principle that even if the water is poured less, the water cannot be poured more. The watering of the prickly pear is related to the season(plastic nursery pots). In winter, it enters the dormant period, and the basic water cut does not need to be watered.

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(black heavy duty nursery pot wholesale)In spring and autumn, the temperature is suitable(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). At this time, the prickly pear enters the vigorous period of growth, and the watering should not be slowed down. It is sufficient to keep the basin soil slightly damp, and it can be properly applied. Raise in the indoor, raise the ball outside, the watering must be different: outdoor air circulation, sufficient light, the medium is easy to dry, watering should be diligent(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price); indoor air circulation is poor, the light is weak, the medium is not easy to dry, Watering should not be too diligent.

In addition, the ball placed in the sun and the ball placed in the shade should be treated separately(plastic nursery pots wholesale): the former should be poured more, and the latter should be separated by a longer time. For the watering of the prickly pear, we should water the soil according to the plastic pot. The soil does not need to be watered, the water is not watered in the winter, the water is not watered in the summer, and the water is not watered in the early spring. The watering of the prickly pear must control the amount of water to avoid decay(104 cell seed starting trays). After the basin soil moisture is fully dried, an appropriate amount of water should be added.

(black heavy duty nursery pot wholesale)Because the leaves of the potted plants are small, the newly germinated leaves are relatively small(105 cell seed starter trays), and the evaporation of water is relatively small. The stems and fleshy roots also store water, which can maintain water evaporation for a period of time. Watering should be done at about 10:00 am on a sunny day, add appropriate amount of water, keep the water evaporation until about 4 pm, not watering in the evening and cloudy days, wait for the new leaves of the pots to grow and shape, then carry out normal water and fertilizer. management(black plastic nursery pots). When the potted plants grow long new leaves, the leaves are more photogenic and tend to lean toward the south side.

The length of the leaves becomes low and the front is low, which hinders the viewing(105 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). The position of the pots should be changed. After the new small leaves grow, the slope of the new leaves should be observed. When the blade slope is too large, the pots turn from the north side to the south side, and the leaves are converted from 10 days to 15 days to allow the leaves to grow. balanced. After several years of cycad potting, the soil will lack nutrients, the roots of the pots will be densely covered, the watering will be difficult to penetrate, and the fertilization will not be easily absorbed, which will inevitably affect the growth of the pots(seed starting trays), so it is necessary to turn the pots for soil.

(black heavy duty nursery pot wholesale)It is generally changed every 2 years(seedling trays wholesale), and should be carried out before and after the Ching Ming Festival. Because sulphide is a kind of iron plant, it can be mixed into the soil with broken iron filings, so that the iron filings can gradually infiltrate. It can also be applied with 150 times of liquid ferrous sulfate to supplement the iron, and the leaf color will be more oily and green. After the above-mentioned management measures, the potted cycads can make the leaves shorten, tight, curly and beautiful, and placed on the desk, several shelves, conference rooms, etc., which is pleasing to the eye(seed starter trays).

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