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Black Plastic 15 Gallon Nursery Plant Containers

The development and research of plug seedlings began in 1971, and in recent years, China has been widely used for vegetable and flower product breeding(propagation tray). The plug tray is divided into a grid, 1 hole at the time of sowing, and 1 hole at the time of seedling. Practice has proved that it has the following advantages compared with conventional seedlings(seed starter trays). Easy to handle by hand, you can sow or seed the seedlings in the greenhouse, then put them in the greenhouse.(black plastic 15 gallon nursery plant containers)

When growing up, move to nursery nursery, or ditute seedlings, or colonize(gallon nursery pots), so that the land occupation is small, and the seedlings are cultivated when the temperature is low in early spring. After the external temperature rises, the other nursery is cultivated to grow the seedlings, which can reduce the heating cost(wholesale greenhouse pots). Because of the 1 hole at the time of sowing, the l-points of the seedlings are separated from each other, and the soil diseases cannot be transmitted and spread.

(black plastic 15 gallon nursery plant containers)Seedling seedlings are a new technology(plug trays). If you do not need larger seedlings, you can use the seedlings to grow directly. In the transport vehicle, the tray can be placed in three-dimensional and multi-layer, which is very suitable for long-distance transportation. Convenient transportation, under the premise of the same number of holes, it is better to use deeper cells(greenhouse supplies pots). It is best not to use seedlings and seedlings. Cultivate 32-, 40-, and 50-point seedlings with large growth. 

Cultivate seedling trays with a small amount of growth(black plastic plant pots), without slow seedlings or short seedling period, when the plug seedlings are moved into a larger container or seedbed to grow large seedlings, the seedling rate is high. It is convenient to transport from the seeding room to the chamber, or to move the seedlings from high temperature to low temperature, from relatively weak light to strong light(plastic grow pots), or from the nursery to the cultivated land. Save seedling sites and reduce costs.

The seedlings are small, the resistance is weak, and the conditions of the earth are bad(gallon plant pot). Flower seedlings bred by the trays, many manufacturers in China now produce plugs, and many are imported from abroad. Pay attention to the following points when choosing. The current production of the trays are 32 points, 40 points, 50 points, 72 points, 128 points, 200 points, 288 points(flat plastic tray), 406 points and other different points, and more points are produced abroad.

(black plastic 15 gallon nursery plant containers)Therefore, the seedlings with larger growth amount are cultivated for breeding nursery or cultivating in a trampoline(square nursery pots). Cultivate moderately growing seedlings, or choose 72 and 128 points for the first transplant. The depth of the hole refers to the height of the hole, which is currently between 2.3-6cm. The more nutrient soil is installed, the better the drainage capacity, and the stronger the ability to exclude salt accumulation(4.5inch deep square pots), the more it contributes to the growth of roots.

The deeper water retention and aeration of the wells are better(cell trays), the buffering ability to change the moisture is strong, the pores are small and shallow, because the water content is small, the watering amount and the number of watering are not easy to control. The cells have a circle, a square, a star, a chamfer, and the like. The effects on the growth of different flower seedlings vary from one species to another, and the current views are not consistent(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). Effectively curb the spread of soil diseases. 

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