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Black Plastic 2 Gallon Nursery Plant Containers

Throwing early rice has been promoted for many years, promoting tillering(large nursery containers). Lettuce is a common name for leaf lettuce. It is grown in most parts of China. When you need to choose the planting time, when is the lettuce seed planted? How about a few days of germination? How to plant? But avoid the water sputum(nursery plant containers), the lettuce seedling grows to 5-6 pieces of true leaves when the seedlings are moved, the leaves are shrunk, the torus is flat .

Spring is generally started in February-April, harvesting in May-June, and autumn sowing can be started in late August(bulk garden pots), from September to October. Can be harvested, because the different varieties of lettuce characteristics are different, when choosing the sowing time, you must first understand the instructions of the lettuce seeds(7 gallon plant pot), and then combine the above planting time for planting. Cover the thin soil (about 0.5-1cm) and pour water.(black plastic 2 gallon nursery plant containers)

Spring and summer seasons are suitable for sowing loose leaf lettuce (such as butter lettuce, colored leaf lettuce), which is more heat-resistant(bulk plastic planters). It is suitable for sowing lettuce (also known as Western lettuce) in autumn and winter, and it is not heat-resistant. Sprouting in about 10 days(7 gallon planter). The seed germination temperature is 15-20 ° C, higher than 25 ° C, due to the water absorption of the seed coat is blocked, poor germination.

(black plastic 2 gallon nursery plant containers)Lettuce should be treated at low temperature during sowing in summer(plant pot suppliers), and then germinated in the refrigerator in the refrigerator after soaking the seeds, and then planted after the buds are white. Add the cultivated soil and the appropriate amount of organic fertilizer in the pot to mix (cultivation soil to the basin along the 3 ~ 4cm is appropriate(7 gallon container), the tillage layer should be 15-20cm deep).

Lettuce is not hot and heat-resistant, and the requirements for light are not high, but the root system has a high demand for oxygen(flower pot wholesale supplier). 80% of the seeds are germinated in about 3-5 days under suitable conditions, usually harvested after 30-40 days. Family farming is super simple - the seeding and seedling cultivation method of potted lettuce cultivation is as follows(10 gallon plant container). Choose seeds that are free of damage and are full of particles.

Lettuce planted at high temperature, watering early and late(nursery containers for trees), a small amount of dip is better, stir evenly in the container, every 6 to 10cm, dig a small hole in the soil surface, and sprinkle 3 to 5 seeds in each hole. If you need to accelerate the germination, you can soak the seeds in cold water for 6 hours, then put them into the refrigerator and germination(nursery pots online). If you like to eat seedlings, you can consider it.(black plastic 2 gallon nursery plant containers)

Then sprinkle it on the soil(plastic planter manufacturers), cover the soil 0.5 to 1 cm, a thin layer, 15 to 20 degrees about 3 to 5 days, when the germination temperature is higher than 25 degrees, it is difficult to germinate. In the summer, you need to germination, soak the seeds for 1 night, then wrap them in wet gauze and put them in the refrigerator's freezer (about 5 degrees). When more than half of the seeds are white(five gallon container), the seeds are kept soaked in the seedlings.

(black plastic 2 gallon nursery plant containers)Spreading is also possible, but it is necessary to have multiple seedlings(2 gallon container). Maintain soil permeability, 2 to 3 true leaf time seedlings, plant spacing 5 to 8 cm. Because of simple cultivation methods and good management, many people raise their money, but they want to produce high yield of lettuce(garden pots suppliers). Lettuce likes the cold climate, so the sowing time is generally carried out in spring and autumn. 

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