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Spring and Autumn: This is usually watered once every two weeks, because in spring the weather is bright and the climate is warm, but the moisture content in the air is not low(propagation tray). The cactus can absorb moisture and nutrients in the air through its leaves (thorns). So watering once every two weeks is enough, and excessive water will drown. Summer: In summer, the weather is hot, the climate is dry, and there is less moisture in the air, so it is usually watered once a week(flat plastic tray), and the climate is very dry, it can be watered once every 5-6 days.

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(black plastic disposable nursery pots canada)If it is an office potted cactus, and growing in an air-conditioned environment, it is best to water it again about 10 days(plug trays). Winter: The weather is cold, the air is full of fog, so the cactus is not short of water at this time, but the soil will still have water evaporation, in order to ensure that the root system has enough water, usually twice a month, twice a winter is almost the same(plastic grow pots). Special attention should be paid to the warm and cold protection of cactus in winter.

Cactus can absorb certain radiation, and is drought-resistant(gallon plant pot), suitable for management, but people may understand that the water of cactus is less water, in fact, otherwise, different seasons, different origins of different cactus water quantity and frequency are different. Today, I'd like to introduce different watering methods for cactus(greenhouse supplies pots). This type of cactus is usually dormant in winter, and water should be controlled at this time.(black plastic disposable nursery pots canada)

The number of watering increases slowly in spring. It is the peak growing season before spring and early summer(cell trays). The number of watering increases gradually. The amount of watering needs to be controlled according to the specific conditions at that time. The growth peak appears again in autumn, and the number of watering increases accordingly. The dormancy period of this type of cactus is generally short after flowering(wholesale greenhouse pots). Watering should be controlled during the dormancy period, and normal watering should be restored after dormancy, but attention should be paid to proper amount, otherwise it will cause lengthy growth and affect flowering in the next year.

The epiphytic cactus is not dormant in winter(gallon nursery pots). It can be watered normally as long as the room temperature in winter is 15 C. Cactus should be properly watered. Water will cause decay. If there is less water, it will burn and dry. In summer, we should take shade, ventilation, spray and other measures to create a suitable environment and reduce the number of watering before sleep. Fairy ball is more and more loved by flower friends, but there are also flower friends who worry about how to water it(seed starter trays). Fairy ball is generally considered as "lazy ball".

(black plastic disposable nursery pots canada)There is no need for care, which is actually a misunderstanding(black plastic plant pots). In fact, cactus, like other plants, also needs people to give careful care. It is not an easy task for the cactus to maintain, maintain and bear flowers and fruits. Here are some opinions about cactus, watering in the first article: to meet the special requirements of cactus for culture medium(square nursery pots); to have sufficient light, almost all cactus like sunshine; to ensure that the nutritional needs of cactus.

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