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Black Plastic Flower Pots Wholesale Supplier

Plum blossom is a very common flower and tree in China(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Now many flower friends will make plum blossoms into bonsai and watch them at home. Plum bonsai, thin and slanting, simple and vigorous, very poetic and artistic. As a symbol of Chuanchun Baoji and Jiqing, it has been regarded as auspicious by the Chinese since ancient times. Plum blossoms have a light aroma, plum trees are elegant, branches are ancient, and plum trees are not just plum blossoms(40 cell plug trays supplier). Its bonsai and flower arrangement are especially valuable for viewing.

(black plastic flower pots wholesale supplier)The cutting propagation of plum blossoms is easy to operate, the technology is not complicated, and the excellent characteristics of the original variety can be completely maintained(gallon pot). As long as the plum blossoms are inserted, the survival rate can reach 60%-70%. After flowering from November to December after deciduous or early spring, intercept 1 year old stout shoots (without flower buds), 10-18 cm long, inserted into the sandy loam seedbed, the soil part is about 1/2, and the row spacing is 10 cm×20. cm(20 cell plug trays supplier). After the insertion, keep it for a while, pay attention to the management work such as watering.

The spring inserter must take a shade shed during the summer(plastic plant trays wholesale). The main points are as follows: Combine trimming in early spring or late autumn. In the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, the cutting time should be a few days before the beginning of spring. It is best to insert it in a semi-shade, that is, under conditions of scattered light. If you do not have these conditions, be careful to keep them moist, so that the cuttings are not dry due to lack of water(18 cell plug trays supplier). Choose a 1 year old robust branch and cut the lower part of the branch into a 15 cm long cutting.

(black plastic flower pots wholesale supplier)However, it should also be noted that the cuttings can also be selected as the strong branches of the year (2 years old), the length is 25-30 cm(seed starting trays), and the thickness is similar to the small head of the chopsticks. It should not be too thick or too thin. Perlite, the soil is best with no fat sandy soil. The cut surface is taken from the wood root root powder, and inserted into a flower pot with a diameter of 15 cm, 5 pots per pot, placed in the indoor low light place(104 cell plug trays supplier); in the autumn, the flower pot should be wrapped with a plastic bag to achieve the purpose of heat preservation.

The depth of the cutting is preferably 15-20 cm(large plastic terracotta pots). In case of frosty weather, it is necessary to cover the grass to keep warm. After that, keep the soil moist and water it when it is white. If the surface is knotted after several times of watering, it is necessary to loosen the surface and then re-cast. Make sure that each watering can be immersed in the bottom of the cuttings. Do not water too much, so as to prevent the lower part of the cuttings from decaying(seed planting trays wholesale). Wait until the second year of April to May germination and then move out of the room for routine maintenance management.

(black plastic flower pots wholesale supplier)The thinner (about 1 cm in diameter) is spliced, and then it is planted into the sandy loam where the leeward does not accumulate water(square grow pots), and the soil is buried in the lashing place. Winter management is extensive and can be germinated in the spring of the next year. This method grafts early and grows fast. Grafting new plants 1-2 years after flowering. Cutting and breeding plum blossoms is easy to operate, and the cutting of plum blossoms is better in November(72 cell seed trays wholesale). After soaking the cuttings, the survival rate is improved, and the rooting can be promoted for rooting varieties.

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