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Black Plastic Garden Pots For Sale Online

The hotbed is sown from December to mid-January, and the cold bed is sown in November(3.94inch plastic nursery pots). The nursery bed should use high-quality culture soil, and the amount of high-quality organic fertilizer should be increased in the bed soil preparation. The temperature is required to be 20~25°C and 10~15°C at night. When the seedlings are exercising, the night temperature can be below 10 °C(3 gallon container). When 70~80% of the seedlings are unearthed, it is better to ventilate and cool down. If the fruit is treated on the field, the concentration is 500~1000mg. 

(black plastic garden pots for sale online)Generally, the seedbed should be filled with the bottom water before sowing(4.33inch plastic plant pots), and it is only necessary to cover the soil before the seedlings, instead of watering. Usually when seedlings are divided, the seedling water should be sufficient, and the seedling water should be appropriate. Afterwards, the seedlings should be lightly poured or covered with soil. Apply 4000~5000kg of organic fertilizer per acre and 30kg of superphosphate(large plastic planters cheap). The width is about 1.5m, and as short as possible, deep ditch to reduce rain and disease.

If the mulch or small arch shed is used, the planting period can be appropriately advanced(potting containers wholesale). After the true leaves are exposed, the bed temperature is raised to the temperature of the seedlings. Seedlings should always maintain good lighting conditions. Colonization is stable when the ground temperature is stable above 10 °C. In addition to strengthening management, treatment with growth regulators has a good effect(4 inch square nursery pots). The green ripening period is the harvesting standard for long-distance transportation or storage.(black plastic garden pots for sale online)

The line spacing of early maturing cultivation is about 50cm, and the plant spacing is 26~33cm(4.33inch plastic nursery pots). Medium and late ripe cultivation, line spacing 60~70cm, plant spacing 33~40cm. Scaffolding, tying vines, pruning, snoring, and picking tomatoes often have falling flowers and falling fruit during the first inflorescence flowering period. The main reason is that the temperature is lower than 15 °C, which hinders the elongation of pollen tubes and pollen germination(plastic garden pots online), which affects pollination and fertilization.

(black plastic garden pots for sale online)Plant malnutrition, insufficient light, long stems and leaves(plastic potting pots), high temperature in summer can cause the occurrence of falling flowers and fruit falling. Commonly used growth regulators are: the concentration is 10~15mg.l-1, and the flowers are flowered or painted within 1 day before and after the flower is opened(4 inch square pots). PCPA (p-chlorophenoxyacetic acid, tomato spirit, anti-fallin): the concentration is 25 ~ 30mg, can be used for dip flower and spray method, not easy to cause phytotoxicity.

Store fresh food in a cool environment at room temperature (about 15 to 20 degrees). When the color conversion period is supplied to the market on the spot(20 gallon nursery pots for sale), it can be harvested in this period, and it will be colored in 1~2 days. The maturity period is also called the ripening period. The fruit table has 3/4 coloration. It has shown the inherent bright color of the variety, the highest nutritional value and the best flavor, suitable for raw food and cooked food(bulk pots). The ripening period should be used as seeding or processing.(black plastic garden pots for sale online)

It is usually ripened with ethephon (dichloroethyl phosphate), most of which are colonized from the end of March to the beginning of April(4.72inch plastic plant pots). In addition to improving the quality of the seedlings, continuous rainy days or air, the soil is too dry and falling. After the fruit is harvested, it is ripened at a concentration of 2000~4000mg, 5~7 days earlier than the natural maturity in the field(1 gallon plastic containers). When the treatment, the liquid should not be dripped on the young leaves to avoid phytotoxicity.

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