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Black Plastic Growers Pots Wholesale Supplier

First, we must choose the insert of the insert. It must be known that this step is the most important(plug trays). Even if you are cutting, you do nothing. Therefore, before we cut the branches, we must first observe and see how healthy the branches are. Remember not to choose a new one(black plastic plant pots), because there is not much nutrients in the bud to maintain the subsequent growth, too old branches can not be used, because its rooting speed will be very slow!

(black plastic growers pots wholesale supplier)It should also be cut about 2 cm away from the bud point(propagation tray). This will help the wound healing of the original plant, in addition to promoting the sprouting of the sprout! The easiest way to cut it is to insert it into the water to promote rooting. Here we need to use a regular beverage bottle. The size depends on the number of plants we cut(square nursery pots). Then cut at one-third of the height of the bottle, taking care not to cut all the pieces, then add the right amount of water.

Next, we pass the branches through the foam board and put them into the bottle(gallon plant pot). Stick the opening of the bottle to the seal. Just poke a small hole in the cap to breathe. Then place it where you can reach the sun. A week or so, we can see that the new root of white flower has appeared(cell trays)! After the root length, you can open the plastic bottle, put the branch in the semi-yin place, and transition for two days, you can plant it in the basin!

(black plastic growers pots wholesale supplier)Before the basin, we can use paper cups for seedlings. Poke a small hole in the bottom of the paper cup and seal it with a piece of tape(flat plastic tray). Now add one-third of the water to the paper cup, then add a little bit of fine soil and put the stick in the other hand with one hand. On the other hand fill the soil. This method works well(wholesale greenhouse pots). Protect the root system. After filling the soil and fixing the plant, you can remove the tape from the bottom to remove excess water from the cup.

When planting, simply cut the paper cup and cut it off. Be careful not to damage the dirt ball(greenhouse supplies pots). This can protect the root system and increase the survival rate! After the pot, we still have to give it a buffer time, two or three days will be good, after normal maintenance(seed starter trays)! Gardenia is a growing environment, like a little moisturizing, especially at the moment In the seasons, we can spray water on the leaves and make appropriate shades to avoid yellow leaf problems.

(black plastic growers pots wholesale supplier)Did you find that the root of the branch has been growing for a long time(plastic grow pots), and the other branch has only a little bit? The trim length is about 15 cm, and the top of the branch retains 2-3 leaves. Once the soil is dry, you can plant it in a large basin. Then put it in the shade for about a week(gallon nursery pots). You don't need to add water to it. During this time, we should not fertilize, otherwise the age of the plant is too small, it is easy to burn it!

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