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Black Plastic Nursery Pots In Bulk

In addition, we select the vigorous branches of lilac for 1~2 years for cutting(18 cell trays bulk). Usually, we cut the cuttings for one month after flowering in spring, and cut branches of 15 to 20cm for cuttings, and select branches with branches and buds. It is best for 3 pairs of buds, and a pair of buds are buried in the soil. At 25 °C, roots can be rooted for about one month(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). When the roots turn from white to yellowish brown, the seedlings are planted.(black plastic nursery pots in bulk)

With 2 pairs of buds, cut the lower sides of the scion into a bevel(6 cell trays bulk). The rootstock is made of one or two year old clove seedlings. The top is cut off from the ground 5 cm to 10 cm, and then a slit is cut vertically from the section of the rootstock, and then the scion is inserted. The bevel of the scion should closely match the rootstock and be bundled with plastic strips. In order to prevent excessive water loss at the grafting edge, it can be buried with moist soil(plug trays wholesale). After the buds on the ear are germinated, the covered soil is removed.

(black plastic nursery pots in bulk)The blade needs to be cut off, cut from the 1cm above the bud, and the lower part is flat(36 cell trays bulk). We need to peel off the xylem inside the cortex. Cut the rootstock from the ground 5 cm to 10 cm, and cut the vertical knife about 3 cm long from the middle of the cut to make it a "T" shape, then gently peel the skin and insert the scion into the "T"(large plastic terracotta pots). In the mouth of the word, the scion and the rootstock should be closely aligned, and finally bundled with plastic film strips.

Firstly, taking the big flower hydrangea as an example, it is generally very suitable for planting in a home pot, and in winter(8 cell trays bulk), it is necessary to avoid cutting off the bud points. Therefore, the abutment method means that the scion branches of the clove are connected with the drill wood, and the two are respectively cut into the same interface of the same size, and then bundled together, and after the wound is healed, the top branch can be cut off after a period of time healing(plastic nursery pots wholesale). A plant! This method is easy to operate and has a high success rate!

(black plastic nursery pots in bulk)Temperature is too high or too low(40 cell trays bulk), it is not suitable, early spring cuttings, it can be said that hydrangea is not only dignified and elegant, flowers are large and beautiful, then, how to trim the hydrangea in winter? Choose strong leaf buds on the branches, the rootstock is selected for 1 year To 2 years of raw clove seedlings, usually we choose to graft in August(wholesale nursery pots), we should pay attention to, only need the petiole when grafting, usually before the early spring germination, the length of the scion is 8 cm to 10 cm,

However, hydrangea sometimes has yellow leaf phenomenon due to improper lighting and temperature management(12 cell trays bulk). If the light is too strong, the original is especially in the hot and hot summer season. If the sun shines continuously, the plant will not only have yellowing of the leaves, but also let the leaves wither. However, if hydrangea is in a low-light environment for a long time, and photosynthesis will be promoted because of the inability to obtain light(plastic plant trays wholesale), such a poor growth phenomenon may occur.

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