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The Hulk is known as the Hulk white palm, belonging to the genus Araceae and the genus Baihe(plastic nursery pots). Origin and habits: Hulk is a perennial shade herb. It is mainly distributed in Colombia and is one of the most popular indoor foliage plants in Europe and America. The Hulk's sexually shaded, cool, humid environment and fertile soil, avoiding drought, high temperatures and direct sunlight, can grow throughout the year in tropical and subtropical regions(200 cell seed starting trays). Morphological characteristics: The hulk plant height can reach 95 cm.

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(black plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers malaysia)Leaves broadly elliptic, entire, leathery; leaf flesh thick(plastic nursery pots wholesale); leaf color dark green; slightly white powder, petiole up to 43 cm. Flower-shaped flamingo inflorescence, in the shape of a long spoon, the color changes from white to green in 25 days, the length of the inflorescence can reach 1 m, and the length of the flesh flower is also about 15 cm. The flowering period is late spring and early summer. Reproductive techniques: The Hulk can be propagated using the ramets and tissue culture methods(72 cell propagation trays). Before the growth point is not broken, it does not grow to the level of maturity.

If humans destroy the growth point, each plant can divide 3 to 5 buds(black plastic nursery pots). Although the seedlings are strong, the shape is not organized and the seedlings are beautiful. This method can be adopted by the family. Management techniques: When cultivating the Hulk, water should be poured during the test tube seedlings to maintain an air humidity of more than 80%. After the seedlings are poured every 1-2 days, the water is poured through the water(32 cell seed starter trays). In summer, the leaf surface is sprayed with water, which has various functions such as washing dust, cooling, anti-sunburn, and increasing air humidity.

(black plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers malaysia)In order to make the body grow dignified and symmetrical, the angle of placement should be adjusted every six months(plug trays wholesale). The key to the growth of the Hulk is whether the base fertilizer is sufficient. In addition, depending on the growth conditions, water or fertilizer or inorganic nitrogen fertilizer should be applied monthly or irregularly to promote leaf growth, deepen leaf color and maintain a good viewing state(plant start trays wholesale). The Hulk is more resistant to pests and diseases. Occasionally, aphids and green mites are harmful to the heart when the ventilation is poor. Strengthening ventilation can prevent it, and potted plants are connected by blades.

Once the insects are found, they can be manually erased or killed with insecticides(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Appreciation value: The giant giant plant is arrogant and arrogant, and the gradual color can bring infinite imagination. It is the ideal potted flower for the large room of the hotel. It is also very stylish in the large family room. Onions can also take root(seedling trays wholesale). Onions have a bactericidal effect, which can inhibit the bacteria in the soil to a certain extent and promote rooting. Homemade onion rooting water:

(black plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers malaysia)1. Take 1 part of garlic, 4 parts of onion, peel dry clean, and stir in a blender to form juice(seed starter trays). 2. Mix the stirred garlic onion juice in a ratio of 1:10, and then place the branches that need to be cut into the prepared root water for more than 30 minutes. If you want flowers to grow well, be sure to give the plants the most suitable growth environment(200 cell seed starter trays). I wish you all the better the flowers!

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