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Black Plastic Planters Wholesale Suppliers In China

Bonsai boxwood seeds should be based on the basic tree aspect of the plant(grow bag greenhouse). However, summer and autumn are the best in Panzha. At this time, the branches are more flexible and easy to bend; pruning should be carried out in spring(12 cell propagation trays wholesale). Boxwood flowering has no ornamental value and affects growth, making the leaves yellow, and flower buds should be removed in time to supplement nutrition.

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Flowering in the half-sunlight environment is much less than in the full-sunlight environment(18 inch plant pot). Boxwood is resistant to pruning and has a strong germination force. To maintain a beautiful tree shape, it must be shaped, which often causes the branches and the entire plant to not germinate or even die(6 cell propagation trays wholesale). The boxwood branches are relatively soft in summer and autumn, which is convenient for climbing. Otherwise, the metal wire is easily embedded in the bark.(black plastic planters wholesale suppliers in china)

It is necessary to pay special attention that although the sprouting strength of melon seeds boxwood is strong(smart grow pots), it has a weird temperament, that is, "no leaves without hair", so whether it is styling or daily pruning, you can use "segment retention", or processed into a natural tree shape(18 cell propagation trays wholesale). The method of "leaf, short-cutting and budding" makes it gradually germinate in place, and can not blindly pursue one step in place, without leaving the branches and leaves for hard work.

The old boxwood piles excavated in the wild are generally cultivated after 1-2 years(plastic tree containers). Let the new technology sprout around or below the section, and then stick the branches according to the requirements of artistic modeling. It can also be cut thickly and made into a cloud-like or hoe-like shape. The main trunk follows its natural tendency and is made into oblique dry or lying down(8 cell propagation trays wholesale). If the boxwood spots are adorned with show stones, it will become "boxwood".

(black plastic planters wholesale suppliers in china)Shearing is mainly used after basic molding(200 gallon grow bags). The climbing time is best in summer and autumn. In spring, boxwood branches are easy to peel and the branches are brittle and easy to break, which is not a good season for climbing. Pruning can be done in spring. Climbing can use brown wire or wires with plastic skin(36 cell propagation trays wholesale). When using metal wire without plastic skin, use metal strips, plastic film, etc. to wrap the metal wire, otherwise the bark will be easily injured.

The larger branches can't be bent at once, and can be divided into two times(small potting pots). Be careful to break the branches when pulling strongly. You can use the "half saw" method to bend the large branches. After fixing, the saw wound should be smeared with clean yellow mud, and then wrapped with a black plastic film to facilitate wound healing(40 cell plug tray wholesale). Boxwood can be cut into a "cloud" shape, or it can be processed into a natural large tree shape.(black plastic planters wholesale suppliers in china)

Cash money tree and then apply compound fertilizer once a month(20 inch plastic planter), we are the most harmful to the development of cold potatoes is the underground pests, usually can use phoxim EC, chlorpyrifos EC, etc. to stop root irrigation and extermination. Before modeling, the trunk can be cut off, and the modeling methods can be cut and pierced(40 cell propagation trays wholesale). After the branches are bent and shaped, they can be loosened in time. Tie it first and cut it second.

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